Why are energy drinks so expensive.

I love several brands of Energy drinks, and still buy them even though they are expensive. But why are they so much? My first guess would be because of the vitimin B in exess in them. Is there another reason? Or is it just purly for profit


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As for the OP, they sell drinks at their prices because their researchers have determined that people will buy them at those prices. Maybe someone will market a cheap, effective energy drink. They can call it “crack” for shock value.

Smart shoppers were already boiling this stuff with bicarb to make their own crack.
Too bad it’s been taken off the market.

The ingredients aren’t all that expensive, so I think Borgia’s got the right take on the price here.

Energy drinks are isotone, meaning they have the same concentration of salts as the body’s own fluids. Because of that, the salt and sugar they contain gets absorbed quickly by the body and restores the balance of sugar (energy lost in sports) and salt (lost while sweating).

Because that’s what all energy drinks are: sugar and salt in a precise proportion. An commercial energydrink will add something that makes it taste better, (often just citric acid, about the cheapest ingredient available) and some fancy ingredient that sounds good on the label, like a vitamin of some sorts. Vitamis are dirt-cheap; just look at the amount of vitamins in a store-brand vitaminpill and compare it to the amounts in your energydrink. There is probably less then a few cen’ts worth of vintamins in a can of energydrink.

Health foodstores sell powdered energy drinks, that you can mix yourself with water. Such drinks cost a fraction of pre-fab energy drinks.

The recipe for the cheapest energy can be found on the Internet if you google “Oral rehydratation mix”, like this one..

Don’t most energy drinks have a lot of caffeine in them as well?

I think you are referring to sports drinks. Energy drinks normally contain caffeine and some other things that seem to give people a boost of energy.

I think they are expensive because people will pay it.

That’s not an explanation. Sure, the reason that the makers of these drinks don’t cut their prices in half is a desire to maximize profits, but that’s also the reason that they don’t double the prices. Why does Coca-Cola cost less? Because Coca-Cola is not (as) interested in making a profit? Surely not.

I would rephrase the OP as follows: What economic forces lead to a much higher price for energy drinks than for other beverages, such a soda?

They’ve got electrolytes! :smiley:

Someone finally said it!

Raw materials : Energy drink materials are probably slightly more expensive then Coke. Seeing as they supposedly contain more then Sugar, water and caffiene.

Economies of scale : Certainly alot more Coke is made then energy drinks.

Limited supply: Redbull is orignally from Thailand. When it was imported here I imagine the price was influenced by limited supply and the extra cost of importing it.

The price was probably originally set because of these above factors, but now I highly doubt the supply is limited and I doubt economies of scale effect energy drinks drastically. Therefore I stand by my first statement. It’s about profit. The market has historically shown that it will burden a 2.00 price point. Thats why the price is still 2.00.

Your answer is in that sentence.

I didn’t say that “profit” was the wrong explanation in this particular case. I said (and argued) that it’s not an explanation at all. The desire of the manufacturer, distributors, etc., to make a profit is a factor in the price of any good (philanthropy aside). There is nothing in “it’s about profit” that would allow one to predict that energy drinks would cost more than soda.

The answer is fashion. People will buy some salty sugary water in an appropriately marked can or bottle at a tremendous price because it is currently fashionable to do so. If one’s mom made exactly the same thing (indistinguishable in any way whatsoever chemically) and gave it to one in a plastic jug she bought from K-Mart one wouldn’t drink it if one were paid to do so. But people will pay to buy fashionable things at a price way beyond material considerations because they are buying the perceived social benefit.

It’s exactly the same as the way a person will buy a piece of appropriately constructed fabric for $100 that cost $0.50 to make and which will retail for $5 in two years time, if doing so will give them a particular appearance at a particular time.

It’s got what plants crave!