Why are girly bits referred to as "beavers"?

Hm, looks like my WAG turned out to be right after all. Go me.

So was there ever a point in history where beaver was used as an allusion to pubic hair without referring to the bits themselves?

And, as usual, thanks for all the responses, even the way inevitable hijacks. :wink:

As a loyal Oregon State alumnis, I must say the new design for “Athletic Beaver”, the team mascot, is not nearly as entertaining as the old “Benny Beaver” mascot. Though the thought of an “Athletic Beaver” does have its interesting aspect…

And, yes minty, there was an unsanctioned t-shirt worn by some of the cheerleaders that said You Can’t Lick Our Beavers!

And, of course, the Canadian hardware store named Beaver Lumber (or something similar).

And I-75 (in Michigan) has exit 69 at Big Beaver Road. So driving alone, you see the familiar green sign that says: “Big Beaver Exit 69”.

I have an incredibly dirty mind, but this was just so obvious that it never entered my brain. The innocence of the Beav overruled any possible dirty thoughts. I’ve been laughing for 5 minutes now, at the name and my own stupidity.

Who is at the door? That little Beaver Cleaver… what a dick.

I need more coffee or something… this is still striking me as incredibly funny!

Because they have big teeth?

Haha, I remember that! Their bookstore finally put up a web page less than a month before the name change, so I was able to buy a “Beaver College” sweatshirt just in time!

I just have to add that in northern Kentucky ther is a town called Beaver Lick which is just down the road from Big Bone Lick State Park.

Only in Kentucky.

Not that their sports teams are anything to speak of, but the beaver is also the mascot of MIT. Which actually makes a good deal of sense, if your mind’s out of the gutter: The beaver is the engineer of the animal kingdom.

Oh, it doesn’t stop there. Beaver is just one town in Beaver County (where I grew up); a few towns north is Beaver Falls, where one could go see movies at the Big Beaver Plaza. After the movie, one could go have dinner at the diner in the plaza, named–I swear I’m not making this up–Sadie’s Big Beaver Restaurant.

I’m not sure if Sadie (or whoever owns the place now) is aware of how hilarious this is.

There’s a gynecologist at Wake Forest named Dr. Beaver.

From what I hear, he doesn’t have a sense of humor about it.

Somewhere up in there you’ll find Beaver Lick Baptist Church. (I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure it is widely photographed.)

Dr. J

I attended Cheltenham Senior High School, whose tennis courts are directly across Limekiln Pike from Beaver College. Sure, go ahead and change the name. Like ANYONE who grew up there is gonna call that place " Arcadia ".

Please. :rolleyes: I always wanted to see what the Castle was like…


When I lived in Japan there was an airconditioner that was also a heater and it was called a Beaver!
In the TV commercial, a young Japanese women stood there shivering and saying “brrrrr cold Beaver!”, then the heater bit was put on and she warmed up saying “mmm warm Beaver!”.
I got the joke and was mildly amused when viewing the ad from the Westerner’s perspective, but never was half amused as my American friends! Although we have much slang for this body part, ‘Beaver’ is not one used by Bristish English speakers.

From the Daily Show:

“Beaver College in Western Pennsylvania is changing their name because they are sick of the jokes. The new name: Beaver University.”

“And, of course, the Canadian hardware store named Beaver Lumber (or something similar).”

Or the Chicago-area hardware/lumber chain, Crafty Beaver.

In Swedish we say mouse (or rather the Swedish word with same meaning, mus), also a furry animal with relatively big, pointed, teeth? Does all this say something about male castration complex? :smiley:

The head of my old department was named Harold Beaver. Out of respect, we seldom called him Harry.

I can’t believe no one has yet mentioned the excellent ski resort located in Beaver Creek, CO.

Beaver Lumber is no more, they were bought out by Home Hardware…

I suspect you’d get a chuckle at most every business in the town of Beaver.

Beaver Storage
Beaver Cleaners
Beaver Diner
Beaver U-Haul
Beaver Gas
Beaver Florists
Beaver Taxidermy
Beaver Electric, etc.