Why are homophobic people not called

The one thing about homophobes is that they are not afraid of gays but mostly negative, hostile and aggressive toward them.

Well, “Anti-homosexual” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

And it might be that all the hostility is rooted in an uneasiness, if not actual fear.

Let’s try to come up with a term for anti-homosexuals that means something opposite of “gay.” You know, a term that would imply that they take things too seriously and ought to loosen up.

Stick in the mud?


In denial?

When I was in college (granted, that was over ten years ago), the preferred term was “heterosexist”.

I always viewed (and been told that it’s so) heterosexist to be different than homophobic. Heterosexist was defined to me as being taking advantage of heterosexual advantage, whereas homophobic was an active fear of/action against homosexuality and persons who are homosexual.

Anti-gay? I read newspaper accounts where they are labeled as such.

I’d like to second what iconoplast said here. Heterosexism is an assumption that heterosexuality is correct or superior or the norm – with all that entails. Homophobia is an active fear of homosexuality. There’s some overlap, obviously, but one is far more severe than the other.

I’d venture to say that far more people are heterosexist (I suspect I am, despite my attempts to be otherwise) than homophobic.

A simple (and seemingly reasonable) definition of ‘heterosexism’ would be ‘discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.’ Works for ‘racism.’ Homophobia – a little harder to pin down.

Against a certain race = Racist
Against a certain sex = sexist

Ive always wanted to call people with a problem with homosexuality the GAYIST!

Some sort of punishment i think

Is it worse punishment than calling them a “Stick in the mud”?

Yes, it was a little childish and crude, but it was an intentional pun, so I’m taking credit for “whooshing” everybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, maybe y’all got it and didn’t think it was funny. :frowning: