Why are immature jokes considered immature?

How does liking poop, fart, sex,etc. jokes make you immature? What does liking a specific type of jokes have to do with your level of maturity?

Is it because people think that stupid and immature people don’t understand more complicated jokes or because they are about dirty topics?

For example I know exactly what airplanes my country had prior to ww2, what their specifications were and so on, some people don’t even know what kind of system (kingdom) the country was prior to the war. I know all European flags, capitals, ethnicities that live in each European country and so on, some people don’t know more than a third of European countries flags. I speak 2 foreign languages and I am learning a third one, I know how to edit videos, use photoshop, create 3d models,etc. , but…I like poop jokes and I find some swear words hilarious.

Does that make me immature?

I think they’re considered juvenile because there is a phase that children often go through (and later grow out of) where they discover the comic effect of talking about bodily functions in the company of adults who have learned polite restraint.

I think you’re confusion intelligence with maturity.

Humor has a minimum maturity requirement. Bodily functions and profanity have the lowest level of maturity required to “get it.”

I would distinguish between two types of “bathroom humor”.

One type is as humorous as any other joke, but just happens to be about bodily functions and the like. The other type is not particularly funny when looked at purely in a humorous context, and the main entertainment is in the bodily functions aspect.

I think it’s the second type which is “immature”, in that finding amusement in “naughty” words and things is typical of little kids.

This. Anyone can stand on stage and pull their pants down to get a laugh. Mature humor is a little more sophisticated than that.

I also agree that you are confusing intelligence with maturity. I have known very smart people who were immature.

Because kids laugh at them and are less likely to laugh at a sophisticated bon mot.

This too. Being smart and knowing things doesn’t necessarily mean one is mature. Think of the stereotyped geeky, nerdy kid who blurts out impressive factuals incessantly, with poor timing. Smart, but immature.

Maybe that begs the question, what is the difference between immature and young at heart?

Not every joke pertaining to these subjects is necessarily immature. What makes them immature is the Beavis 'n Butthead reaction to the very existence of the subject matter in the joke as funny in and of itself: “heh heh, you said ‘poop’!”

It’s a point against you, sure. A large percentage of humans grow out of finding poop and swears “hilarious”.

But it’s possible that is the only immature trait you have, in which case you’re only a tiny bit immature.

The fact that you also think your level of knowledge has anything to do with maturity however does indicate you’re not all that sophisticated.

But hey, these are words with nebulous definitions based on how people perceive each other, which changes with time, so maybe you’re just ahead of the curve. Knowing all the European flags and 50 poop jokes could theoretically be the height of maturity and sophistication in a decade.

Of course that would mean you’d be joined in your tower of maturity by quite a few high schoolers.

I think you pretty much described it. Immature people have poor timing and situational awareness. They do silly or childish things at the wrong time and place. People who are young at heart do silly or childish things at times and places when it doesn’t disturb other people. My parents, who are in their 80’s, are incredibly young at heart. They might suddenly start singing obnoxiously incorrect lyrics to a song, or decide to blow bubbles with the dishwashing liquid, or start chasing each other around the kitchen. But they’re not going to do those things while they’re at a movie, or during a serious discussion with someone, or at a funeral. They love to have fun, but they also know when to be serious.

I think that goes for the OP as well. Liking poop jokes is fine, but only in the appropriate setting, and not when you’re around other people who don’t appreciate them. Unfortunately, sometimes the only other people who do appreciate them will be under age 12.

I’m not immature; I merely savor too much of my youth.

Op here, I also forgot to mention as an example the youtuber penguiz/cr1tikal, he is…well you can say a gamer, but he built a whole channel and gained a lot of popularity because he comments various things during gameplays, no overreacting, no yelling,etc, he just speaks about a random serious subject in a serious matter like everyone else and then slips in a “childish” sentence like smegma pancake, anal nuggets or something and continues being serious. Despite being a popular youtuber, he still goes to university and he donates a lot of his money to random charities, so I wouldn’t call him immature at all.

Someone mentioned that you have to be mature to understand more complex jokes and find them funny. I looked at a bunch of medical and science jokes, understood pretty much all of them and at most let out some air through my nose, then I looked at some “immature” jokes and actually laughed, so no, being complex doesn’t mean a joke is funny at all, most of those jokes look like someone was forced to think of a joke on a specific subject and gave it their best shot, but didn’t accomplish much. A joke can only be funny if it is funny, whether it’s something a 10 year old can make up or something you have to finish 10 universities to comprehend isn’t important, a 10 year old can make a unfunny joke and so can a university professor, a 10 year old can make a great joke and so can a university professor.

Btw. a lot of people say that being smart is not the same as being mature, I absolutely don’t agree, because in order to learn and become smart, you first have to be mature enough to understand what you want in your life and how to get it, that you have to work hard for it, that you need to develop yourself and so on. If you are immature, then you probably wouldn’t even care about your career and education, let alone study additional boring things that aren’t thought in school…and aren’t sports related. Just acting moody and being too serious and looking down at people who like poop jokes (good ones) doesn’t make a person automatically mature.

Nobody said that being complex makes something funny.