Why are movies open on Christmas?

We celebrate Christmas and have gone to the movies that day a few times in the past. Generally presents are opened in the morning, dinner is served fairly early and there’s a reasonable gap between dessert and bedtime with no formal events to fill it. Movies are something to do in the evening that everyone can agree on.

When I ran a 12plex, I had to work on the holidays, if for no other reason so some of my staff could be with family.
Of course I still have nightmares of the year we went through 1000Kg of popcorn kernels between Christmas and New Years…

It was a family tradition of ours since I was a little one to bundle up the entire family after Christmas dinner and go to a movie. Half the time, the majority of us fell asleep in the theatre after a big meal or a long day of meal prep, but being squashed into the theatre with one’s nearest and dearest was what we did.

What the shit is this? I thought everyone was supposed to be the same. Isn’t this against some sort of law? I thought we had laws about this.

The Walgreens local to my cousin’s house was open on Christmas Day.

About the same as a bowling alley. One at the front desk, one to retrieve stuck balls/reset the pins, & a few at the concession stands. Plus the added bonus of being able to see/talk to those cousins who drove across three states to be with you. IF they were both open, I’d say a bowling alley is better for that rare extended family time.

I’m with the “it’s something to do with family that doesn’t require actual interaction with family” crew.