What's Open On Christmas In Your Area?

Of course 7-11 is open. Walgreens is open. The movie theatres are open.

What about in your area? What stores and such are open?

The Shopper’s Drug Mart closest to me is (I’m pretty sure not all Shopper’s Drug Marts are open 24/7/365, but mine is). I see movies advertised as running Xmas day, so that must imply that at least some theatres are open (I don’t go to movies very much so I’m not sure whether all theatres are open today).

The movie theaters are open, but I’m pretty sure this is a relatively new development - a few years ago they would not have been.

7-Eleven type places are open. Gas stations of course. Possibly some kebab/take-away type places, though as far as I know the big fast food chains and sit-down restaurants all are closed.

Otherwise everything is closed for Christmas Day and stores will remain closed tomorrow, too. The fast food places and some restaurants will re-open. Sunday we’ll go back to normal Sunday opening hours. Which, this is Norway, so normal stores are closed. Things get back to normal on Monday.

It’s a different pace. I like it. Although it does mean we play the “how much milk does our fridge hold?” game…

Convenience stores and movie theatres seem to be. I’d imagine restaurants in hotels are open. No idea about drugstores, but probably one or two are open. I don’t think the local casino ever shuts down, but no horse races are running today, so the off-track betting place would be closed.

The garage, a beeroff and the local pub/Toby carvery. The newsagent/corner shop up the road might have been as well, but I’ve not been up that way today.

Well, they are, since we’re heading out there for their Xmas brunch. No dirty dishes for us! :slight_smile:

Almost everything, since where I live is between a neighborhood which is predominantly orthodox Jews of Russian descent and one which is mainly Bangladeshi Muslims and Hindus.

The only thing I noticed closed actually is an italian restaurant and the bank.

Akron, OH. All Chinese is open. Fortunately, as our extended family traditional dinner got cancelled at the last minute because of an unexpected birth.

Gas stations, Walgreens and CVS, Jack-in-the-Box and IHOP and Golden Corral, and that’s about it.

The churches, and one petrol station, were open yesterday. Everything else was closed.

Jack in the Box was one of the only restaurants around here open. I went to it last year and it was ridiculously busy.

The Jewish market would be open if it weren’t a Friday night, damnit.

I was going to say, the chinese places here (Bridgeport, CT) are open :smiley:
Ditto with walgreens, no idea what else is though, I’ve been at home all day

What year was the first Star Wars in theaters? I went alone to see it after a Christmas day fight with a boyfriend. His name was Luke… :rolleyes:

Oops. I forgot to mention the local Mexican market is open also.

I noticed a Domino’s Pizza car delivering to the house across the street.

My hometown in Wisconsin: Walgreens, Chinese restaurants, and one of the awesomest liquor stores in the state.

Shopper’s Drug Mart is open and they carry enough to qualify as a small supermarket. Chinese restauarants. As long as I don’t need a Big Mac or a Tim Hortons coffee I’m good. :slight_smile:

OK, the truth is I would kick my grandmother down the stairs for a Tim’s coffee right now but I’ll have to suck it up. :frowning:

Walgreens, CVS, China House, Blockbuster, the theater (god help me I had to see Alvin and the Chipmunks; chipmunks performing Single Ladies is not normal!).

Chinese joints, movie theater (just got back from Sherlock Holmes), CVS, Walgreens, a couple of diners, a bar here and there.