Why are my dreams so damn good?

I mean, top notch shit, man! I obviously can’t go into detail, but I’m talkin’ good stuff!

Then I wake up, usually when the goddamn dog starts barking at 8 am (and that’s another thing! How the fuck do dogs tell time?), and its all shit! None of** that** going on! Nothing even close!

I can’t even imagine some of the freakin’ awesome shit I dream. Where does it come from? :confused:

And how do I make it real? :smiley:

Ah, that’s right. Money. :smack:

Consider yourself lucky. My dreams do the seemingly impossible feat of being both surreal and boring. It’s like Kafka’s dull little brother got a job writing my dreams.

My dreams are always better when I have a dog. I guess they provide a security blanket for me. My dogs could hear when a buddy of theirs went for a walk every morning at 7, and would apply the guilt.

consider writing some short stories and posting on some fiction writing site.

Don’t waste them. Inspiration for fiction!

  1. Strip down to your underwear
  2. go to school

Come on. You can’t start a thread like this and then not give us all the juicy details. I mean, what are the chances of anyone you know in RL ever finding this? :wink:

Here’s what MY dreams are like:

I’m with someone, can’t remember who, somplace I don’t think I’ve ever been to, doing something or other. Then, suddenly, nothing happens.

I can’t remember the rest.

I’m usually stressed out of my gourd, possibly trying to save my children or loved ones from an alien invasion or something equally fun, sometimes I’m taking a really long time getting on a flight I know is going to crash, then if I ever make it to the flight it’s a series of increasingly near misses. Never actually crashing. Just worse and worse and worse.

The point is: my dreams are horrible, never-ending, soul-sucking swamps of fetid despair.

What’s your beef?

Yeah, but who subscribes to “that magazine” anymore? :smiley:

Well, when you wake up, you probably fell better. When I wake up, I’m kinda disappointed. And that’s real.

Oddly, when things are going badly in my waking life, my dreams get really good. When things are going well in my waking life, my dreams are either unpleasant or unmemorable (like the one where I dreamed I found the toenail clippers).

Nah - it’s no great shakes awake either. :mad:

I guess we got that goin’ for us then, don’t we?

Maybe your mind knows you need cheering up when sad. (I’m not being sarcastic.)