Why are only certain episodes.........

…used when a television show goes into syndication?

Shows like the Simpsons and Sinefeld are repeating the same episodes over and over. Why don’t they show them all?

Aren’t Fox showing every episode of The Simpsons at the moment? I think they’re up to series 8 right now. Should be this episode on Monday if my theory is correct

The reason is quite simple. The entire series isn’t necessarily sold all at once. When a show is sold to syndicators not all seasons may be offered. Or the syndicator cannot afford to buy them all.

Yeah, I hate that. FX shows something like 4 episodes of MASH every morning. The show was on for something like 12 years and yet everytime I happen to catch the show on FX, its the same damn episode.

When “Get Smart” was sold into syndication, the pilot episode and nearly all of the last season, when it switched networks, could only be rerun a certain number of times per contract. Since it was too much trouble to keep track of this, most stations just left them out.

It was no big loss except for the pilot, which was in black and white. The last season of episodes really sucked.

As for “The Simpsons” I think FOX shows just about all of them after they are two years old. My local FOX affiliate shows “The Simpsons” three times a day: 6:30, 7:30, and 11. I don’t think they’ve skipped any.

Except for that “Itchy and Scratchy” episode which Krusty said that they could never show again …

I don’t know if a lot of stations do it, but I’ve heard about a few stations only buying syndication rights to a couple of seasons. Then, in a couple of cases, the show was popular enough to warrant buying more.

What bugs me about Simpsons syndicated episodes is that they cut out a scene or part of a scene from each episode. I know it gives them more commercial time, but some funny stuff gets taken out.

Yeah, this really bugs me too. In fact, an episode was on today where Bart buys a factory at a government auction. (it’s the one with Frank Grimes, the guy who hates Homer and ends up electricuting himself)
They cut 2 key scenes out. I hate that!:mad: