Why are people so damn stupid?!?

“Hey, Boss, you want me and Cuspid should take this guy hotflungwok out and massage his gums?”

“Naah, Bicuspid. Just let him know that we’ve scheduled an appointment and he’ll come around.”

You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m tempted to send some info on dihydrogen monoxide to Councillor Druh Farrell, the head idiot in charge of tabling the anti-fluoride motion, to warn her of the catastrophic danger of having so much dihydrogen monoxide in our drinking water. That shit is lethal if inhaled! I’d be curious to see just how far that moron would take this concern…

I think this would be a perfect time to start a study on un-fluoridated water and the effect on teeth (well, once we stop fluoridating). Calgary naturally has fluoride in the water, and people do brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste and use fluoridated mouthwash, so maybe we don’t actually need fluoride in the water here. I’d really like to see some monitoring going on so we can (hopefully) get some good data. My biggest concern is actually for poor kids, though - people who can’t afford food aren’t going to be buying a lot of toothpaste and mouthwash (like the next door neighbours of my idiot brother-in-law who is vehemently opposed to fluoride in municipal water).

I put this right there next to cell phones causing brain cancer, vaccines causing Autism, and EMF radiation giving you headaches, cancer, causing sterilization and . . . I don’t know, damaging your credit score.

Since the vaccination-autism doctor has been charged with fraud, a LOT of hysterical cybermoms have turned to fluoride paranoia.

That’s what’s making me so disappointed in my city councillors; they’re MAKING DECISIONS FOR AN ENTIRE CITY, and this is the kind of decision they’re making. Next they’ll be outlawing childhood vaccinations.

You would think so, but the ADA supports fluoride in the water. (Maybe Canadian dentist don’t?)

Besides, we all know they became dentists so to be sadists not to be rich.

you anti-dentite bastard.

I firmly believe people are as stupid as they have ever been; we just hear about it more. Not too long ago we’d never have heard about what some people in Calgary are doing. We’d only be vaguely aware it was a real place. Global information has only come hot and heavy our way in what…the last 30-40 years?

ETA: I’ve always thought flouridation makes a BIG difference. I base this only on personal experience, but every woman in my family lost her teeth before they were fifty. Everyone except me, who not-so-coincidentally grew up here. Better care and dentists and all that, but I’m sure flouride helped.

Get in line, pal!

No, Canadian dentists support fluoridated water, too. This was purely a win for junk science.

Yes, it’s time, now that our council’s proven they are sufficiently enlightened, to move on to that most heinous CHEMICAL dihydrogen monoxide. Afterall, we all know how dangerous carbon monoxide is, and hydrogen can burn and blow up: just look at the Hindenberg (Ohh the humanity…) I came here to post about this menace to our children’s health (one of the most lethal killers of children the world over) but **Jimbo **beat me to the punch.

Did you know it’s also the principal chemical in the primary coolant loop of, GASP, nuclear reactors!
(that’s just pure evil, right there…)

That it’s a major component of car exhaust and coal-fired power plant emissions?

That’s it’s the most important ingredient in battery acid?

That it’s such a powerfull solvent that they use it to suck bitumen out of those awful tar-sands!
(that should send her vaulting to the barricades)

…for the children…

What does junk science have to do with it? How about it being a win for people who only want the maximum amount of ‘water’ in their water? Yeah, I know they have to treat it to kill off the bugs, etc, but that is to prevent you from getting sick from the harmful stuff in water that isn’t water.
I don’t need the Nanny state to force optional medication (that is readily available from other sources with a modicum of effort from those who want them and if not taken will only affect them and no one else, unlike say a measles vaccination) down my throat. I am quite willing to read the research and figure out what is good for me and then do it on my own. So, I get my vaccinations and brush my teeth with flouride toothpaste because it makes sense to do so.

Sorry, can’t take your post seriously, Uzi. I stop listening once someone says “Nanny state” and I don’t argue about fluoride with people who can’t spell it.

ETA: I realize that sounds kind of condescending, but it is actually a rule of mine - someone who doesn’t spell fluoride right has always proven to be someone who can’t keep up a proper argument about it, so I just don’t bother any longer.

Forget it Jimbo, it’s cavitytown.

What most anti-fluoride crusaders are using as arguments might well be quackery, but I don’t have a beef about fluoride. If there is natural fluoride in the water, I’m not saying to remove it. Neither that or calcium or a host of other minerals unless they are harmful.
Expecting pure and clean water from your tap isn’t a crazy idea. Arguing against putting stuff into the water that we all drink, even something that may be beneficial to some, especially if it is readily and easily available from other sources, isn’t a crackpot argument.

NPR ran a very balanced story on fluoride recently. If I recall correctly, the gist was that the levels are too high for today’s society since nearly all commercial toothpaste has fluoride. About the worst consequence is dental fluorosis, so they weren’t into conspiracies, they were noting that it’s not strictly necessary. The most damning evidence was that the dental hygiene in Europeans without fluoridated water was just as good as ours. They weren’t even calling for stopping it all together - just lowering the levels.

Pick up a history textbook someday. Trust me, people have usually been far dumber than this.

It’s the same sort of stupidity that you see in Ontario with the pesticide ban. All of a sudden you have these politicians that feel their qualified to second guess the judgement of educated Federal Scientists.

And they keep pushing anti-oxydants on us lately too.

So the only rational move is to ban Oxygen and create a task force to remove it from the atmosphere.