Fluoridation cancelled in west Florida

Tea party politics in action.

Local citizens Irene Reilly and Santa Battaglia praised the decision, despite the objections of several communiss.

“Our precious bodily fluids are safe again,” declared Brigadier General Ripper.

I can spot one thing on that list that is stunningly self-evident.


Floridation > Fluoridation

How novel, a reduction in IQ? That’s one impossible thing before my breakfast.

I had to stop reading the article. I think that it was fluoridated, because the more I read, the lower my IQ got. Now me not think good.

These people think there’s something wrong with our country, and they’re absolutely right - just not in the way they think they are.

So just out of random curiosity, did Soviet Russia fluoridate its water?

(And the first person who responds with “Soviet Russia fluoridates you” is getting sent to the Gulag)

Here is a Wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_fluoridation_controversy

The following nations previously fluoridated their water, but stopped the practice, with the years when water fluoridation started and stopped in parentheses:

Federal Republic of Germany (1952–1971)
Sweden (1952–1971)
Netherlands (1953–1976)
Czechoslovakia (1955–1990)
German Democratic Republic (1959–1990)
Soviet Union (1960–1990)
Finland (1959–1993)
Japan (1952–1972)

I wonder how many Nobel Prize winners grew up drinking fluoridated water??

Someone needs to warn them of the dangers of oxygen dihydride. That stuff can kill you, withdrawals are always fatal, and it’s commonly used in the manufacture of highly toxic chemicals.

So - to the posters who are laughing at the stupid tea-party people - are you also laughing at the stupid Germans, Swedes, Dutch, Finns and Japanese?

If they stopped fluoridation because they think it’s a global conspiracy to keep the sheeple stupid, then yes, I’d laugh.

When they laughed at the stupid Germans, Swedes, Dutch, Finns and Japanese I said nothing for I was not a stupid German, Swede, Dutch, Finn or Japanese…

No, I’ll continue laughing at U.S. idiots.

Local dentists must be cheering this decision. Sigh.

I heard there was a time when the Republican party exiled groups like the John Birch Society for their stupidity including the fluoride conspiracy. Now just a short time later they are stronger then ever and making policy on behalf of Republicans.

The morons in our municipal government eliminated fluoridation in our water last year against the strident objections of a number of dentists. Fortunately, our water still has about half the levels of fluoride it used to because our water supply from the nearby mountain glaciers naturally contains it. Apparently this naturally occuring fluoride is of no concern to the anti-fluoride lobby.

Ice cream, Mandrake, children’s ice cream!

Oh, Florida…

Well at least in the year 2040 that new forensics detective reality show, Bones 2040, will be able to solve a crime. They will be able to identify that the about 30 year old victim came from west Florida (due to her crappy teeth) and that, in conjunction with other clues, will lead to serial killers capture. Look on the bright side folks! In the future they will be saving lives! Won’t someone think of the serial killers victims?