Why are people so damn stupid?!?

The reality where people take responsibility for their actions? What was I thinking?! But glad you had nothing constructive to add to this particular conversation.

An article that makes reference to a 1966 plebiscite. Link
I’m finding it hard to find evidence of the 2nd ‘Yes’ plebiscite you are referring to.

And now they haven’t. You can bitch and whine all you want, but they have every right to do what they have done. Put together a court case against them and see how far that gets you if you think otherwise.

I grew up without fluoride in the water, it was added well after my permanent teeth came in. I distinctly remember a trip to the dentist when I was around 12 because he told me I had 12 - 12! - cavities. One for each year of my life. (Not all big cavities, mostly little spots that could be buzzed off without novacaine, but still! 12!) My daughter is now 23. Total cavities: zero.

No worries; I was forewarned. :wink:

Thank you for the cite for the 1966 vote. Now, if you’re finding it hard to find evidence of my reference to a 2nd “yes” plebiscite, you obviously didn’t bother to check the link to the City’s website I provided in the OP:

As a voting member of the community, it is well within my rights to bitch and whine when the people who were elected to represent us do something that does not represent the will of the electorate, in a manner inconsistent with the process their predecessors had well established. Which is what I’m doing. I might have even written an angry letter to my ward’s councillor, except she was one of the 3 people to vote against this motion. It may come as a shock to some people, but one’s rights and responsibilities as it pertains to one’s government do not end at the voting booth – public criticism (and praise – hey, it could happen!) is a critical part of the process in between elections and helps to ensure that the people in office continue to listen to the will of the citizens who put them there.

Word. I was going to point out the wisdom of the city council. they’re even putting flouride into ice cream-*children’s *ice cream!

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