Why are Republicans so derided?

Plus there’s certainly a couple of conservative entertainers who just come off as mean. Rush Limbaugh probably fits this category. His brand of humor doesn’t sit all that well with lots of people.

Whoa, are we related?

Of course, one could also mention The Boondocks. It’s Liberal as hell. At its’ best, its’ simply not funny. At its’ worst, its’ horribly offensive.

You’re welcome to your opinion, though I’ll note that in the cyclic comic-strip threads over at Cafe Society, The Boondocks often gets high praise for its anime-style art and wickedly biting humor.

Mallard Fillmore, needless to say, doesn’t even come close. :wink:

Hey, I like the Boondocks AND Mallard Fillmore. Does that make me bipartisan? Nonpartisan? Moderate? Insane?


I think the best two examples of what can happen when ideology gets in the way of being funny would be Ted Rall’s cartoons, and “Doonesbury”. Doonesbury used to be pretty good. But as Trudeau aged he became more bitter and more partisan, and the humor suffered greatly. IMO.

Btw, A friend and I have been trying to develop a conservative humor web site, just for yucks. http://www.happyfunpundit.com

Actually, I think it’s just a case of bad taste.

I vote insane. :wink:

And conservatives who don’t read The Boondocks should check out the July 6th strip. Guaranteed to put a grin on your face. :slight_smile:

Friends don’t let friends vote Republican. :wink:

Well, you could be a cousin, since my uncles have the same politics as my Dad. You know, there is this one uncle who had about a dozen kids before fleeing to Canada twenty odd years ago to avoid bigamy charges… Dad’s family doesn’t mention that half-brother much for some reason.

they gave us Dan Quayle for vice president and now George W Bush for president. they both have a problem with south america. Dan wished he could speak latin better so he could communicate with LATIN americans. now George didn’t know there were black people in Brazil.

did they go to the same grammar school? it should be burned down.

doesn’t it make you wonder what else George doesn’t know. did Yasser Arrafat ever ask a question that stupid? Yasser wuldn’t have lasted 40 years if he was that dumb.

Dal Timgar

Ehh, get off your soapbox. These are both urban legends. Pull up snopes if you want the background.

That was hilarious :wink:

But to the OP, the reason we may hear so much trash-talking about the GOP is liberal bias in the media. Goldberg’s ‘Bias’ is an excellent read on this topic.

It isn’t that there is a large left-wing conspiracy out there, it is just that so many in the television world have a left-leaning stance, which creeps into their work to various degrees. More a matter of nuance and innuendo then outright bias, but still, it is present.

As the old saying goes “I’m not a member of an organized political party…I’m a Republican.”

[Animal House coughing]Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit[/Animal House coughing]

I like Michael Kinsley’s tongue in cheek dismantling of Goldberg’s book. Essentially he’s just bitter and he’s throwing red meat to conservatives by passing off conjecture as fact. Feh.

Said by Will Rogers…about the Democrats.

Quote: Vice-President Dan Quayle once said, “I was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have was that I didn’t study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people.”

Status: False.

Claim: American president George Bush asked Brazilian president Fernando Cardoso if “Brazil has blacks, too.”

Status: Undetermined.


Here’s a couple more good reads deconstructing Goldberg: http://www.prospect.org/print/V13/8/nunberg-g.html and http://www.prospect.org/webfeatures/2002/04/nunberg-g-04-22.html. Claiming there is a liberal bias is a very different thing than showing there is a liberal bias.