Why are tennis bracelets called that?

They seem a tad pricey to wear while playing tennis, so what’s the connection?

From http://pages.zoom.co.uk/leveridge/dictionary.html

Tennis Bracelet
Definition: Tennis Bracelet is another name for Eternity Bracelet - a continuous circlet of small diamonds.

Derivation: The term seems to have gained popularity in the mid-1980s, possibly after the incident referred to below.
Citation: “This year’s most desirable fashion accessory is a tennis bracelet…[Chris] Evert wore a similar circlet of diamonds–previously called an ‘eternity bracelet’ by most jewelers–while playing in a televised tournament a couple of years ago. The bracelet flew off Evert’s arm and play was interrupted until it could be retrieved. Courtside broadcasters dubbed the adornment Chrissy’s ‘tennis bracelet’. Shortly thereafter, it was to die for among female aficionados of the game, even those with lousy one-handed backhands.” Chicago Tribune 1987-05-27.

That’s an interesting explanation. I’ve read in various fashion magazines (no cites) that these types of eternity bracelets that substitute pearls for the diamonds are called “golf bracelets”.