Why are the family planning products always next to the foot care products?

This might be a UK only thing but in every store I’ve been to (Supermarkets, family run pharmacies, large chain pharmacies) the Condoms and such are, without exception, located next to the foot care stuff.


Do the stores start at the top of the body and work their way down when planning the lay out? Do people who make regular use of condoms have a higher incidence of bunions and corns? Why on earth would they do it?

WAG, but I’d bet they put the items that only “adults” would be interested in getting anyway. No need for condoms to be next to candy.

They also generally tend to be in plain view either to a checkout station, or the pharmacy, due to theft issues. I’d imagine that foot products are the same, as they can be expensive, and small.

Yes, I’m guessin’ it goes beyond making “Where are your rubbers?” easier to answer.

Because putting it next to the whipped cream or honey seems a little tacky.

I have seen them next to the pregnancy tests, which seems to suggest, “you are going to need one or the other, take your pick”.

Pediatrics vs. Podiatry?

As would putting them in the floral department.

So the podophiles can do one-stop shopping.

[golf clap] Well done, sir or madam, well done.[/golf clap]

Unless you’re going to engage in some oral sex.



I always feel they should be next to the diapers and bottles. Just so people can decide which to buy.