Why are their alligator clips attached to a cable on some monitor privacy screens?

A few of those privacy screens that you can set on your monitor I have seen have a little alligator clip attached to it. I never understood the purpose of this. are you supposed to attach it to something? I have one with me and can take a picture if you do not know what I am referring to but I have seen many and a lot of them do have them. Is it supposed to be attached to a ground or sorts or a type of battery

Yes, it’s to ground the screen. I never did, though and lived to tell the tale. I’d like to hear whether anyone ever had a problem b/c they didn’t ground it.

You are supposed to ground the other end to prevent a buildup of static electricity. The material that the screen is made of is probably susceptible to accumulating static charge.

It’s for the roach, man.

I had mine grounded for a long while but the cord got in my way and I finally removed it. I always assumed it prevented dust buildup by eliminating static, but I never noticed a difference.

Might have been some point with CRT’s which definitely attracted dust (because of the high voltage on the other side of the glass) but somewhat redundant on an LCD.

Ok thanks for the posts guys ill just use it as a roach clip