Why are there no ads on SDMB?

I raised this question in the “SDMB is run at a loss” Pit thread. That’s degenerated somewhat, so I doubt many mods/ads will be stopping by, so I reask it here.

In my time here I don’t remember seeing any ads, other posters have mentioned that there used to be banners.

If so, why aren’t there any now?


A few in the other threads said they saw Altoids ads, but all I ever saw were Chicago Reader ads. Just my report.

I wish there were ads, if it meant more hamster food, and bigger, genetically modified hamsters. Or some sort of site sponsorship.

The Reader had determined that the miniscule revenue they got from the ads was not worth the time it took to set them up. Ad revs are 1/10th what they were in the net heyday anyway, and advertisers want a whole bunch of unique visitors to a site before they shell out $, not a few hundred visitors who load 5000 pages apiece.

Because this is the best site on the web!!!

Thanks Gaudere. That makes sense!

So if they never plan to sell the space, why can’t you use the banner as a link to the Cecil Books and Stuff for Sale page?

Because, in this case the visitor profile is PERFECT for selling such items. Who better to appeal to?

It’s not that they don’t plan to sell the space – click on “Chicago Reader Online Rate Sheet” at the bottom of every page for more info – it’s that there’s little ad business to run.

And there’s also a link to the Straight Dope Store on every page as well, so you can get the books and etc.

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