Why are these common passwords?

So I saw a link to this site: http://www.whatsmypass.com/?p=415

These are supposedly top 500 passwords. Fill me in on the cultural and psychological references.

123456, and variations thereon - well, obviously
password - yep, sure
pussy - prurient but why not?
dragon - umm, what? No. 7 on the list? Why?

Same with mustang, master, monkey, shadow, ranger, hunter, trustno1.

Why are these so popular?

Because they sound cool.

Wasn’t trustno1 Mulder’s password in one episode? I would imagine that was why it is popular.

OK I get ‘trustno1’ now :smack:

The others: “dragon” is so cool it makes number 7 of (presumably) thousands upon thousands of passwords surveyed?

Hey, what’s cooler than a dragon?



A dragon with an arrow in it at the bottom of a lake.

Darn it, now I guess I’ll have to stop using dragonpussy1 as my usual password.

“dragon - umm, what? No. 7 on the list? Why?”

Because there are tons of people who like fantasy out there? And I can’t imagine a string of random characters is going to beat it out.

mustang - lots of car fanatics out there
master - “master password”, I’m guessing.
monkey - haven’t you always wanted a monkey?
shadow - probably at the top of a “top 10 pet names” list
ranger - no idea
hunter - maybe a common pet name

People need to remember their passwords, and often don’t realize how easily they can be guessed. So many are taken from favorite popular culture references (I knew a fundie whose password was “god”) or things they can easily remember.

“Joshua,” anyone?

How did they get the list?:confused:

And, where’s “Swordfish” from the Marx Bros?:cool:

You know those emails telling you your Myspace/Facebook/BoA/Goatsx account was going to be closed if you didn’t fill in the form right away? That wasn’t a scam. It was just this site doing legitimate research!

Where’s “admin” on that last? Or perhaps they’re not counting the common default passwords.

Looking at that list, I wonder if online games are included in the source of passwords/accounts. If yes, that would explain dragon, hunter, ranger and possibly shadow, monkey and master.

Hunter and Ranger could be favorite WOW and D&D classes, respectively.

It was his e-mail address in the episode “trust no 1.”

Yeah, but not a real monkey, that would be cruel.

What? No “V1@GR@”?

My first name shows up on the list, which is…odd.

What’s even more interesting is that my default password for signing up to low-priority stuff (newspaper sites, frex) isn’t on the list. Who knew that adding a couple of numbers at the end would make it “safe”?

Mine does also.

BTW, these are the 500 worst passwords, not the 500 most popular ones, which would be a bit hard to figure out.