Why are they called The Breakfast Club?

Just dawned on me. Why are they called The Breakfast Club? The movie’s characters and themes couldn’t have less to do with breakfast.

They did eat lunch in the movie, but that’s as close as we came.

From IMDB:

[pointless brush with semi-fame]

The Breakfast Club was filmed at Maine Township High School North, much more commonly and sensibly referred to as Maine North, in Des Plaines, IL. What looked like a school library, was actually a set built in a large gym at the school. At the time, the school was closed due to dwindling enrollment. My brush with semi-fame comes from having gone to Maine West (also in Des Plaines) at roughly the same time the movie was being filmed.

The same school also played a part in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


My brush with semi-fame is that my best friend’s identical twin sister used to work (the company moved in October) across the street from said high school. It’s the best I’ve got.

An Oreos commercial was shot in my elementary school.

I rock.

I’ve crossed the bridge in “Eddie and the Cruisers” a thousand times.

The Breakfast Club was the first movie I paid to see twice in the theater.
Oh, and Ice-T’s movie, Surviving The Game was shot in my town. I got to watch some of the filming up close. And I personally knew two of the local men they hired as extras to play the parts of homeless men. I’ll bet you didn’t know that they hired honest-to-goodness, local homeless men for the parts :slight_smile:

I’ve been inside the Quickstop, and when I was there, RST Video was closed, which I complained about. While in the Quickstop, my friend checked for the perfect egg carton as I looked for a gallon of milk with a decent date on it. I live about 25 minutes from the place. I’ve also been on the boardwalk where God was knocked unconscious by street hockey ghouls.

…and I’ll bet you’re the first people to do that! :wink:

Parts of Freejack were filmed at and around Georgia State University while I was attending. I heard Jerry Hall named her daughter, whom she gave birth to the correct number of months later, Atlanta… could be apocryphal.

A hijack, but Steve Buscemi is the director of a movie currently being shot in the town where Igrew up (Goshen, Indiana)

My brush with fame: I went to the high school used in the John Waters’ film Serial Mom and parts of Barry Levinson’s Avalon were filmed in the neighborhood where I grew up. If you know exactly when to look and look really fast and don’t blink, you can see the part of the house where I grew up. We had to take the old TV antenna off of our roof for filming (as well as a bunch of our neighbors). It didn’t really matter, because we had cable by then. We’d just never taken the old antenna down.

Since we’re swapping brushes with fame:

In the movie Snatch a few scenes are set on the street in Hatton Garden. In a couple of shots you can see the door to my flat. A few more shots were filmed by a cameraman standing just outside my doorway. There’s also a scene inside a pub where I drink, the Mitre, which is tucked away in a narrow alleyway just off Hatton Garden.

An indie movie (I’d have to find the name) was shot in the house I’m buying next month. It hasn’t been released yet but when it is you know I’ll be going!

Hey! There’s my bathroom!

In Grumpier Old Men there is a scene with people square dancing (or maybe it’s a polka?) in the background. One of the dancers is a middle aged man with jet black hair that was insanely obviously dyed. It’s kind of Ron Jeremy-like hair, so it stands out.

He was a high school history teacher of mine. Top that! :wink:

I went to school in Canberra Australia with Jackie Chan.

The storefront of my mom and dad’s drugstore makes a brief appearance in a lesser-known Clint Eastwood movie called Bronco Billy that came out in 1980.

Ummm… my ex girlfriend was an unseen extra in Days of Thunder and described Tom Cruise as appearing “small and bird-like” in real life.

And Weird Science.

The climax of Minority Report is filmed on a balcony of my office building – they were originally going to shoot it on our floor (8th) but decided to get a little higher for a better view of the Washington Monument so they went to up to nine.