Why are toilets called johns?

Why are toilets called johns? Very simple question . . . probably simple answer as well, but I’ve asked Cecil several times now with no response.

I heard that the toilet was invented by a guy named Thomas Crapper. Hence use the crapper, take a crap, etc. Dubious way to be remembered if you ask me.

…Just looked it up…

This site says the word ‘crap’ may have a different origin.


Also found this:

Source: http://www.toiletology.com/history.shtml

No idea if that John has anything to do with the name.

Scary how much stuff can be found searchingthe internet on toilets though!

You’re gonna love this one. . .


Even though Thomas Crapper invented the modern toilet, the original idea was proposed by Sir John Harington in a book whose title “is a pun on ‘a-jacques,’ or what is still called a ‘john’.”

missed it by two minutes. . .

Cecil Adams on Why do we call it a “john?”

The Dictionary of Obscenity & Taboo says John may be a euphemism of Jakes, as Jeff_42 suggested.

Crapper is probably from crap a word much older than the Thomas Crapper story. The word orignially meant chaff, then rubbish, then feces. Urbanlegends.com says

Cecil weighs in on the controversy here

why are toilets called john?
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