Why are women's buttons opposite men's?

I was wondering if there’s really any reason why women’s buttons on a shirt are on the opposite side from men’s buttons? Would it hurt anyone if it were standardized? - Jinx

Yes, it would hurt the garment retailers and dry cleaners who charge more to provide and clean the exact same shirt that is a “woman’s” rather than a “man’s.”

The Master speaks.


Hey, thanks Friggae! Hmm… I’m originally from Baltimore! Maybe this ignorance on buttons and garments simply runs rampant through Charm City! - Jinx

The Master notwithstanding, let me suggest that left over right on men’s clothing makes it easier to mount a horse—left foot in the stirrup—when wearing a long coat and weskit, and make it easier for a right handed person to draw a sword hanging on his left side.

It’s to facilitate undressing each other when face to face, silly!

That so reminds me of an SNL skit I saw a long time ago…

…but then again I’m from Baltimore.

without a super long explaination. It has something to do with servants dressing their “masters”. It help the female servant dress the male faster. Something like that.

Because women just love to be contrary.