Why are you fat?

As inspired by this thread. For the sake of argument, let’s consider “fat” as being 25 pounds (12 kilograms, 1.8 bloody stone) above the uppermost limit of the ideal weight for a medium-framed person of your height.

I suppose because my calorie intake in greater than my calorie expenditure.

I like cheesecake more than I like jogging. I don’t blame anyone but myself.

Fat because I ate too much for many years. I’m fixing it, though.

When my mother was pregnant she was cursed by an albino zoroastrian witch doctor, and it made me fat.

Love of lasagna coupled with a bad back.

I eat too much and don’t exercise enough. While I do have back/knee problems that make exercise more of a challenge, I also know that the excess weight makes those problems worse and they absolutely should not be an excuse. If anything they should be motivation to get my ass up and outside.

Classic impulsive-compulsive eater.

Partly because I like candy bars and cokes way to much.

Partly because I’m poor, and it’s cheaper to buy processed foods than healthy foods for a family of 7. ($9 dollars for 2 burgers a piece, compared to $20 it’d take for each of us to have a regular salad, just as an example.)

Mainly though, it’s a result of a botched suicide attempt. Seven years ago I lost a child due to my fiance miscarrying, and shortly after that we broke up. (The break up had nothing to do with the miscarriage.) This left me in a bad place emotionally and mentally, and I decided to end it all, but didn’t want it to look like suicide.

I’ve had a bad heart since birth, so I figured if I quit working out at all, and just kept eating junk food, I’d eventually have a heart attack. I went from ~200lbs to ~340 in less than a year, and despite having at least one heart attack, it didn’t kill me.

It took 5 years to get out of that nasty cycle, and to start getting back into shape. I’m down to 295 now, and I’ve gone from 49% body fat to 38%. I’ve also gone from not being able to do 5 minutes on a stationary bike on easiest, to being able to do 20 minutes with the resistance set midway.

Too many good foods I like to eat that are not good for the figure. Combined with not much excercise.

In 2004, I weighed 200lbs. I have maintained a 70lb weight loss for 5 years.

I was heavy because I ate way more calories than I needed. I am now slender because I count calories (even if it’s just a daily estimate in my head), eliminate fast food and reduce processed foods.

There was something about carbs though - all my life I thought I had a problem with food, it turns out I just had a problem with some foods. When I greatly reduced the amount of empty white carbs (chips, pretzels, crackers, cold cereal, baked goods) in my life, my raging life long food cravings…vanished.

Eating well is a lot more work (it’s hard to eat healthy by accident) but so worth it!!

I had been heavy for 20 years and had done every sort of diet. I had never tried changing how I ate forever. Turns out, that was the trick!

I wish I could select multiple responses. The main reason I’m overweight is because I do likes me some food… but I’m a naturally large guy, as well- I inherited it from my family. I’m actually one of the slimmest males in my family. I also have a leg problem which keeps me from being able to run (which sucks, because I LOVED running when I was a kid).



For me, it’s true what they say, no muffin, scone, cheese fries or venti caramel latte can possibly be as good as being thin.

I had told myself all sorts of lies - that I was big boned, genetically destined to be fat (my dad is large), slow metabolism. Lies. Lies. Lies. I just needed to eat better.

Oops! I answered the first option, even though it contains a glaring mistake. I put on weight because of an underactive thyroid combined with meds: 4 years of prednisone.

I put on 80 lbs during those 4 years and I am off the cortisone. I also take synthroid so my hormones level is back to normal and the weight is slowing coming off. In a few months, I’ll send Arnold an updated pic.

Glory, you do look glorious!!

Thanks - that is an exceptionally good picture (hair/make up/clothes, etc). It’s a pretty good after shot, though!!

Just a simdge of everything, really. I don’t get enough exercise, I eat a little more than I should and I don’t worry about snacks, calories, or anything else. I’m not too overweight (~175 pounds, 5’11") but it would definitely be better for me to lose than gain. Mostly, I want to get into better habits before I hit thirty and my metabolism worsens.

I wish I could have made my answer past tense. After a traumatic incident with my stepfather, I turned to food for comfort. Then I didn’t want to stop. Last June, I started my life-change plan, and it has indeed changed my life. 70 pounds lighter, and still a lot to go, but I already feel like a new woman.

HOLY SHIT, GLORY! You look amazing! I’m sure you were pretty before, but it’s SO much better that you’re healthy now, as well! You are an inspiration!

Way to go, Juliana! I am so proud of you and I recognize how difficult it is! 70 pounds! You are doing so well!

I eat too much, and have MD, which makes it hard to burn those extra calories.