Why are your lips red?

Why are human lips red? Does the tissue there have some sort of advanced blood flow, or is it simply transparent? Thanks for your time.

If it were transparent, you’d actually see the veins. That would be really cool, to be honest, though probably a little freaky.

I have no idea why they’re red though. It’s the same color as the inside of the mouth though, so perhaps it’s just extra skin. The question then becomes, why is the entire mouth red?

Thin skin.

Desmond Morris, in The Naked Ape, claims it’s a secondary sexual characteristic.

Thin skin is correct. All of your skin is composed of transluscent layers. The reason you don’t see veins and such in your lips is because they are mostly capillaries in there. In cases where not enough oxygen is getting into your blood, your lips will turn bluish to reflect that.

Not those lips Slip, but I appreciate the attempt. Thanks for the responses guys.

Which lips do you think Slip is talking about?

It makes sense that the red lips are a sexual characteristic. Why else do women emphasize and enhance it with lipstick?

Its a visual signal for sexual arousal. When we are aroused, blood courses through our capillaries (of which our lips have many) making our lips, genitals, etc. even redder.

Then again, some guys go for the goth chics…

Lips are very vascular, just like the anus.
It’s all one long tube.
But please, people, one is for entry and one for exit!

Which is a matter of personal perspective, between two consenting adults and a small farm animal. Naah!