Why aren't big & tall people much smarter (because of bigger brains)?

This doesn’t actually answer the question; however, in the book Driving Mr. Albert - A Trip Accross the Country with Einstein’s Brain the anatomical detials of Albert Einstein’s brain are discussed.

Apparently his brain was of normal size/volume/weight; however, he had about 10 times as many dendrites as the average Joe. To me this suggestes that the overall size of the brain is rather unimportant - it’s the composition of the brain that really factors when it comes to smarts.

Of course, for this hypothesis to make sense you do have to assume that Einstein was, in fact, smart. I know I’ve had discussions with people who feel he was of totally average intelligence - I don’t agree but have no concrete facts (such as his IQ scores) to bolster my opinion.

As a child, I was taught that “we” only used 10% of our brains at best; body size had nothing to do with it.
As to the height versus employment thing, I think several studies verify that if all other things are equal, men over six feet in height virtually always receive higher salary offers. If this has been debunked, I’d like to know.

Everything I have read indicates this is not accurate. (Which bugs me because I used to tell people that because a teacher once told me that when I was a kid).

There’s also lots of studies showing pretty people get paid more than ugly people, how does that relate to intelligence?

I’m 6’3", 235 lbs, and I’m so smart my brain hurts.

It’d be pretty stupid for an ugly person to ask for a pay rise.