Why aren't bikini tops sized by bra size?

Every time I go shopping for a bathing suit-shouldn’t be for a long time, since I have two very cute ones-I find shopping for a bikini to be a major pain in the arse. I like the fact that you can buy bottoms and tops separate-sometimes the fit is better-but why oh WHY aren’t bikini tops sized according to bra sizes?

Seriously, it would be a lot easier to find a bikini if all I had to do was find a 36 C, rather than trying on 9, 10, 12, etc.

What’s up with that? Since most bikini tops are bra-style anyways, why not just make them in cup size and that?

Victoria Secret’s swimwear is, for the most part, sized by bra size (especially the bikini tops). Of course, you have to order it from website or catalogue, so maybe it’s a conspiracy by the stores to make you try on as many different swimsuits as they can make you (thereby staying in the store longer), while a mail-order swimsuit better fit you when it gets there.


And why would that benefit the store, if you still only buy one? :slight_smile:

Elementary. You may be inclined to buy other things if you are in the store for an extended period of time.

I’m glad I don’t have to try on/buy bikinis. Eww! Someone’s tried it on already. Their bare skin touched it. Ew! :wink:

After all, you don’t see people trying on boxer shorts … [sub]do you?[/sub]

Log on to www.amplebosom.com

The owner Sally stocks swimsuits and brassieres in a wide variety of cup sizes for those blessed with generous embonpoint.

You’re supposed to wear underwear when trying on bikinis. Which makes for a pretty crappy look to base your purchase on. But we muddle through. Except for those of us who wouldn’t wear a bikini again if you paid me. Ahhhh…but I remember when a bikini was a thing of beauty on me.

So you leave the bra on, too?

Why am I so curious…

No. When I went shopping for my tankini I removed my brassiere to try on the tank top part of the suit. I left on my undies, though, when trying on the bottom part of the suit.

I wouldn’t know about shopping for a bikini because if I wore a bikini in public I’d probably make small children cry and men question their heterosexuality…

I bet this probably means that if I ever went shopping for a jockstrap they wouldn’t let me try it on. . . . . :smiley:

Actually, I hate to say it, but when I worked at Kmart, and was manning the fitting rooms, I saw people take underwear into the dressing rooms.

Eww… note to self, only buy shrink-wrapped underwear. Check for perforations.

I see a lot of women at the beach wearing bras for bathing suit tops…, so some tops do come in bra size :slight_smile:

Bah. This is why MrsB and I frequent a clothing optional beach.

Rats. Barbarian beat me to it. They’re trying to inspire you to go topless. Think outside the box! Or the cup, for that matter…

Well, like I said-I already HAVE two very nice bikinis, and I don’t need another one (although I would like a one piece as well).

This just always puzzled me.

In these parts, if a bikini is sold as a unit, the top part is just sold by S-M-L type sizes or a number size, same as the bottoms. But if the bikini is sold as a mix-and-match thing, the tops are often available by band and cup size just as bras are.

Yikes… people swim in Monterey Bay? Nothing against the Marine Sanctuary, but geez… I wouldn’t think of going in that water unless I was wearing chemgear. When you can’t see the bottom of 3 foot deep water at the beach, you will NOT find me in it.

Then there’s the whole 55 degree water with 65 degree air, not to mention the HUNDREDS of Jellyfish we saw while whale watching.

The hope is that without proper labeling and wearing a bra underneath, women will buy bikini tops that don’t have quite the right cup size.

Determing the amount by which the cups should be too big or too small is both a science and an art.

Ideally, that amount is small enough so that women buy them and wear them, unaltered, to beaches and pools. The cups must stay on while the women begins swimming, running, or playing volleyball. BUT, the cup size must be off enough that after a long period of motion, boobs shall burst forth of overly small cups or slip free of overly large ones.

It’s part of a complicated plot by broadcast television to get people to stop watching cable.

BTW-Somebody has to say it. As a man, I am happy to do my duty. I refuse to believe that any of the Dopettes posting to this thread have ill fitting bikinis. I shall accept only photos of you wearing an ill fitting two piece as proof. :smiley:

“Then there’s the whole 55 degree water with 65 degree air, not to mention the HUNDREDS of Jellyfish we saw while whale watching.”

Probably moonJelly, they are alright, you’re skin is basically too thick for them. How about when the air is 40 & the water is 53? Then you stay warmer IN the water than out :slight_smile: