Why aren't they rotating the troops that fought in Iraq?

They aren’t replacing them with fresh troops. Anyone know why they aren’t?

I don’t have a definitive answer, but it may have something to do with NOT running wars like we did in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, tours of combat duty were for one year. Contrast this to WWII, for example, when tours were for the duration of the war. In Vietnam, the goal of the vast majority of soldiers on the battlefield was to survive that year. In WWII, the only way to get home in one piece was victory.

Recent news accounts have quoted soldiers as stating that their only way home was through Baghdad.

Of course, considering that our troops are now in Baghdad, you raise a good question. Another consideration is that, relatively speaking, the troops there really haven’t been there all that long, as wars go.

4th Infantry Division arrived fairly recently, after Baghdad fell. I imagine after they are fully ensconced, the 3rd ID would start home. Takes time to get out.

1st Armored Division is deploying also.


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I think they are adding to rather than replacing.

The Air Force is starting to rotate people in July.


It just takes time to do this, as there is not an unlimited supply of people. At least in the USAF many home base missions need to continue despite the war, so HOW to rotate is just as important as WHEN.

Some units are rotating, others don’t seem to be. Probably depends on the situation on the ground and the duties said units are performing.