Why baggy pants and untucked shirts are bad for America

Why baggy pants are bad news

Notice they don’t show him trying to walk with all that hardware.

I don’t understand. What point are they trying to make with this video? That a person could conceal a weapon in their clothing? Well, durr. Score one for captain obvious. The same can be said for almost every article of apparel.

And why is it bad for America in particular?

::feels stupid::

Yep, but one missed laid bullet…


should be mislaid must be time for bed.

Farce: n

A light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and often slapstick elements are used for humorous effect.

You beat me to it. I wear pants that would fall off without a belt, and it actually makes it harder for me to conceal my handgun because they slide down and they have a lot of play.

Those pants were at least 5 sizes too big for him or he was sucking it in. I seriously doubt he could have taken 5 steps wearing those pants.

One more thing: the whole point of a concealed weapon is that it is concealed. Baggy clothes are essentially a requirement, although they don’t have to be ghetto baggy.

There was a WSJ article recently speaking how baggy pants are actually bad for criminals, namely, because a lot of them trip or can’t run as fast away from the police. A humorous read, but unfortunately requires a paid subscription.

No way, I think this is serious. This clip was in Bowling for Columbine. Low as my opinion is of Michael Moore I think he would have the brains not to use a humorous video to demonstrate a serious point (being the paranoia surrounding high school shootings after Columbine, of course, not that a student could actually hide that crap in his pants…).

I think Oakminister was correctly referring to my OP tagline statement “Why baggy pants and untucked shirts are bad for America” as somewhat farcial, not the video itself.

The point of the video is “You, as a School Administrator, should purchase some of our metal detectors. See how easy it is for one of your students to hide a bunch of deadly weapons in his clothing? You don’t want another of those ubiquitous Columbine massacres to happen at your school, do you?

Obviously, naked high school is an idea whose time has come.

What?, he didn´t carry a little bottle with a skull and crossbones too?, a flail?, the old trusty bunch of dynamite sticks with an alarm clock?.. meh, not even a rubber chicken.

I think that the rifle down the leg of his jeans might be a bit obvious when he went to sit down or go up or down stairs.

At least now we know where Duncan McLeod always kept his sword…

I was waiting for a miniature crossbow, myself. And they completely missed the flyswatter with the stiletto hidden in the handle…

And we don’t need naked high schools. Just make 'em wear no pants. Hard to hide anything on your body if you’ve got no pants!

Can you imagine being asked “If you’re not doing anything wrong, why are you wearing pants?”

Derr, I feel a bit dumb now. I thought the video itself was meant to be a spoof. It was that over the top.

Hear hear! Ass hugging jeans for all adolescent boys! If you have a credit card in your back pocket, I want to be able to read the numbers!

I did too. He pulled way too many guns out of his pants, including a rifle. It was a spoof.