Why baseball now sucks!

  1. Artificial turf
  2. Ticket prices
  3. Corporate ownership
  4. No revenue sharing
  5. Free agency
  6. Steroids
  7. Bud Selig
  8. Bowie Kuhn
  9. Pete Rose
  10. Everything is now a record (most season/career triples by a foreign born infielder etc.; ok that one doesn’t exist as far as I know)
  11. Lack of financial incentive to produce a winner
  12. Extorting of new stadiums from state and city governments
  13. George Steinbrenner
  14. Alcohol at the park

Please add your own; if you want to talk about how great it is, start your own thread.

The three biggest mistakes of all time by MLB:

  1. The designated hitter
  2. The All-Star game “counts”
  3. Interleague play as it is now

Get rid of 1 and 2. 3 is okay in theory, but needs to be modified to work more like conference play in the NFL.

I don’t understand your list. Items 1 (artificial turf) and 3 (corporate ownership) are in decline; item 4 (no revenue sharing) isn’t true; item 6 (steroids) is now illegal; item 8 (Bowie Kuhn) is dead; item 9 (Pete Rose) is under a lifetime ban; and item 14 (alochol at the ballpark) has been commonplace since the 1880’s, and is far better managed today than it was 20 or 30 years ago. These are the reasons why baseball “now sucks” :confused: ?

Ironically, it’s all those things that make baseball great! Baseball is a goofy, numbers-heavy sport with quirky fields, surfaces, dimensions. And it is baseball that led the way with goofy characters and commercialization (is that a word?) and sponsorship decades ago.

Corked bats, spit balls, outta shape guys dominating, then steroid-laden guys dominating, umpires ruining games, Steinbrener…the Yankees, etc.

Make it fair, homegenized and buttoned-down and what’s left – some guy walking to first after four balls? BAH!

It’s baseball when the guy walks to first after the umpire called a fourth ball because the catcher tried to upstage the ump. And then, when the color commentator tells you he is the first player to be born in flight over the Atlantic to draw a walk on four pitches from a pitcher who was born in Maine, now you have BASEBALL!

When he reaches home on a doule up the left field line that takes a funny bounce over the warm up mound, then it is really baseball.

I, too, was wondering about the OP’s definition of “now.”

#2 and #13 I’ll grant the OP. Other than that…nah.

Nah, I think we’ll talk about the joys of baseball and the wrong parts of your list in this thread.

The only thing wrong with alcohol is that you have to pay $7 for a cup of watered-down beer. If you’re going to rape me at the concession stand, at least limit your assault to one method of penetration, please.

Minnesota and… ? Isn’t that it at this point?

Speak for yourselves, what may be the best park ever built was privately financed.

Interleague is crap, as does the “This time it counts” mess that is the All-Star Game. It’s annoying that my city gets the All-Star Game and I still have to be pissed off about it.

Toronto and Tampa Bay?

Because so many teams use artificial turf. All, uh, three of them. One of which is getting rid of it and the other two which use turf so close to grass it’s hard to tell the difference.

How you ever WATCHED a baseball game, at least in the last 15 years?

I don’t understand. Pete Rose is out of baseball, as he should be. Where’s the problem?

Yes, the All-Star game format is certainly a much bigger mistake than the color line, or, say, not getting into widespread broadcasting before the NFL did. :rolleyes:

I’ve never once had anyone come up with a good reason why having the All-Star game determine World Series home field advantage is any worse than determining it by whether it’s an even or odd-numbered year. How is “well, you can divide 2006 by 2, so it’s the AL’s turn” any better a system?

Because, in my opinion, you ought to get a chance to play if you made it to the All-Star Game. Now that it “counts,” managers have no choice but to hold players back. I may be ignorant here, but is there any other All-Star game in professional sports in America (or anywhere, for that matter) where not all of the chosen players get to make an appearance?

And just so it’s clear, I think choosing home team advantage by year is also dumb. But I think making it part of the All-Star Game is worse.

I love baseball
I hate Barry Bonds

How would you choose it a coin toss? Lightning fill in the blank round?

Yeah, interleague play sucks. I hate the DH. The All-Star game was better when it was just for fun, and played during the day so the kids could actually see the whole game. Or for that matter, the World Series should have day games. But it is because of these things that I love the game for. Seriously, how will it effect world history if Barry Bonds used steroids, if Pete Rose bet on baseball, or if Derek Jeter had a homosexual experience in the Yankees locker room? It won’t make a damn bit of difference to anyone–except the fans of the game. A season in the MLB combines the best soap opera, Pro Wrestling, and prime time drama. It gives you something to talk about, e-mail about, and maybe even a place to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

SSG Schwartz

Why can’t it be chosen by which team had the better regular season record? What’s so horrific about that?

Isn’t this a bit redundant?

So a team in a weak division who had no competition would get home field over a team in a tough division that had to fight for every win?

I am now imagining you with the grinning face of a bobblehead jiggling at your butt cheeks, and I am hoping that I’m not the only one amused by the thought.

Would anyone who dislikes Interleague play care to explain why for me?

I’m a Mets from New Jersey and I love the subway series. It’s one of the few times that my friends who are Yankees fans care about Mets games and vice versa. We always try to catch a few of the games and we all have a good time. It does not happen enough to really affect the season but it is very exciting for everyone in the area.