Why can't I buy James Bond DVDs?

I vaguely remember that most of the James Bond movies were put together in multi disc sets. Are these all out of print? I’d rather pick and choose my James Bond movies, but not being able to buy any of them is just terrible. They do show available for rent from Netflix, so I’ll rent the series again.

New 2-disc special editions (at least I think they’re 2-disc) have been in the works for a long time and much of the stuff has already been submitted to the British censors for review. They’re coming around the time the next Bond movie arrives in theaters in the winter of '06.

Supposedly, all the movies have been remastered and remixed with 5.1 soundtracks and a crap-load of extras and documentaries have been created for all the movies. So they will be superior to the already pretty-good-for-their-time Bond DVD’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the box sets have been pulled out of print in anticipation of these new releases.

Go to Amazon, you can get most of them used.

I’ve placed most of the James Bond movies in my Netflix que. I’m thinking of watching all the DVD extras. Are there any particular DVD issues which are strong on the DVD extras? I’m going to have quite a bit of time on my hand next week and would enjoy watching the commentary on various James Bond movies which I’ve seen numerous times.

Amazon UK will sell you the whole box set of Bond movies:

It will also sell you all the movies individually as well. One of my friends has been picking and choosing his Bond movies this week, so you should definately be able to get the UK version at any rate.

The bookstore I work at (that also sells DVDs) has a box set - all twenty for about $350. But we can’t get hold of any individual ones. It’s weird, but I guess we’re waiting for the 2 disc special editions already mentioned.

Of course, this information is pretty much usless, being as how we’re some miles away. :smack: