Why can't I copy and paste from snopes?

Take any Snopes page, eg http://www.snopes.com/military/woodbomb.asp will do, but it seems to happen on all of them.

On most web pages I can click on the , highlight a portion, and copy it into my clipboard. On Snopes I can’t do this. How do they disable it?

Its in the javascript, in the header usually something like this. If you do a right click view source, you can find it usually.

It is easy to get around for someone “in the know” but simple to stop basic copy and pasters.

I can right-click copy and paste on that page, and I have java running.

Man Snopes is getting really bad. Tons of ads and 3 popups. In Firefox I can hit Control-A to select all text and then right-click and pick Copy to copy all the text. You would have to edit the stuff you don’t want out but it accomplishes the goal.

Javascript is not Java.

You can also View> Source and grab the stuff from there.

But you’re right that Snopes is getting obnoxious with the ads and these annoying JavaScript tricks. Almost makes me stay away from getting material from there, but I can’t find another site to reply to my co-workers with when they forward me ridiculous nonsense.

Even more annoying is that these tricks are pretty much totally ineffective. If someone wants your text or images, they’re gonna get it. Why bother annoying your visitors with it?

It doesn’t work in this case, but a quick trick to copy stuff from pages that use Javascript to disable the right-click menu, as seen here is this:

Press and hold the right mouse button. The annoying pop-up “you can’t do this” box appears. Keep holding the right mouse button while you hit Enter to clear the box. Now release the right mouse button - and there’s your normal right-click menu. So facile that you wonder why anyone bothers this “protection”.