Why can't I find anything abou certain military tech online?

I know I’m not crazy, I’ve seen on several TV specials, particularly on learning channels, where the military has developed some kind of material that if worn makes an object almost transparent. It’s not perfect, you can see objects outline distort the view behind it, and it’s really expensive and uneconomical but I can’t find anything about it online. I want to know how it works. I’m pretty sure I saw an article about it in a magazine too.

I’ve tried searching using all kinds of combinations of words (invisible, transparent, suit, camoflauge, military, fiber optics) and I get nothing.

Anybody know where I can look this up online?

I did a quick look and couldn’t come up with anything either. I did see the show(or one similar) and it said that it had a camera behind the object trying to be made invisible. This camera took an imagie which was sent to a projecter which displayed an image onto the object trying to be hidden. The show gave a picture of one object being hidden in this way. Not terribly conviceing if you ask me, but more then cammo…

Do a search on “Tachi’s cloak”

Here’s a Wired.com article, on what I think it is you’re after.