Why can't I install Windows 2000Pro on a system with WinME?

I was told that I would have to uninstall ME then install 2000 pro… is there any easier way!? I HATE WinME!

This is not entirely true. You cannot do what is called an Upgrade Install from ME to 2000. This is because ME was released after W2000, so naturally, W2000 does not know about ME. You can perform an upgrade install to XP.

However, what you can do is install W2000 in a dual-boot configuration, so you have the choice. Note that you will need to reinstall all your applications. Install to a different partition. For your first foray into Windows 2000 I definitely recommend this way - it means that you can reboot to ME and check that crucial setting you forgot to note down. :smiley: Later you can do a full rebuild to W2000