Why can't I trade in Hyundai stock on ShareBuilder?

I think Hyundai is poised to bite Toyota and Honda in the ass, market-sharewise. However, ShareBuilder doesn’t seem to make it available to their customers. Why is this? I know nothing about international stocks. In addition, entering “Hyundai” in the sticker symbol finder finds about ten companies bearing that name.

I’m a confused newbie. What’s going on?

Hyundai doesn’t trade on the major US exchanges. I don’t believe Sharebuilder allows you to purchase foreign listed securities.

Edit: Yep, found an answer in their FAQ. They only allow NYSE and NASDAQ listed stock purchases.

The Hyundai Motor Company is only traded in Korea with a global depositary receipt in London. I don’t know how ShareBuilder works, but you probably need to pay extra to access those exchanges.

The Hyundai Group is a conglomerate with about a zillion divisions. Some of them are publicly traded, but only in the OTC market here. It seems weird that whatever listing you had for Hyundai didn’t include Hyundai Motor Co (the partially public subsidiary of Hyundai Kia).