Why can't we report our own posts?

The hamsters were running way slow a while ago, and I screwed up and started the same MPSIMP thread twice. If somebody else had screwed up, there is the handy exclaimation point in the triangle providing a simple way to call moderator attention to this…but if I myself screw up in a way that can only be corrected by moderator intervention, I guess I need to email the mod, which requires a bit of effort (figure out which mod is appropriate, for starters). So why can’t I rat out myself?

IIRC the rules say to report the post under yours and explain what you need done to your own post.

So clearly there’s no intention to prevent you reporting your posts so it’s gotta be a technical limitation in the VB software.

I imagine all you’d have to do is substitute your post number in this address:


We just got done discussing this very issue

Not to be short with you, but it’s a vB feature. :frowning: