Why cant we still be LOST?


Seriously, I know its no use complaining… and maybe you’ll be annoyed that I even post this… but I miss **LOST! **

I miss watching it, and I miss deciphering it and I miss talking about it the next day.

Even when I saw Hurley on that new show Mr Sunshine, I got excited… but alas, he only plays the character of the janitor, not Hugo the hilarious and fun loving unlucky crazy millionaire. So diasppointing!


So am I alone here? Or do you have random LOST withdrawals too?

You’re alone. So very alone.

I miss it. It’s easily my favorite show of all time, and I actually liked the ending, which puts in a minority here (although I remember back when it actually ended, we seemed to be divided 50/50 on who liked/hated it. I don’t know where all those people went).

Fringe helps with the withdrawals. Also, J.J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff (one of the Lost writers) are working on a new show called Alcatraz, which is going to star Jorge Garcia.

I’d really like to watch it again over a period of a few months rather than 6 years but it’s a lot of time to invest.
I wonder if a second viewing would be met with a lot of “Aha! So that’s what that was all about” moments or more “Well, they never got around to explaining that” ones.

I can’t really say I miss it.
I enjoyed it during its run, then it ended in (to me) a satifying fashion. Then I moved on. I actually wish that would happen more often, rather than watch shows outlive their prime.

I miss the craziness of the first few seasons, and wondering what it was all about. I miss coming here to threads that went to a hundred posts before the episode even aired on the West Coast. I miss the journey much more than the destination, which was somewhat disappointing to say the least.

I take it The Event isn’t workin’ for ya. Didn’t think so.

I’d miss wondering what it was all about too. Except I’m still wondering what it was all about. The writers’ unwillingness, or inability, to craft satisfying answers to the mysteries left a bad taste in my mouth. I said all along that I didn’t think that they had any idea what the answers were to the many questions posed week after week, that they were winging it and it’d end poorly. So the show provided me with the satisfaction of being dead on right.

I completely agree. I too LOVED reading the SDMB LOST thread every week.

The LOST Answers blog at least helps with the withdrawal a little. Though it’s not updated very often right now.

My wife and I are re-watching it now, having not seen an episode more than once since it aired.

It’s neat.

I miss Lost and 24 as well. Midseason just isn’t the same this year.

I miss the first two seasons. Those were some unbelievably good episodes.

I don’t miss a single minute beyond that. The show rapidly turned into a huge pile of shit with slop-ass, unfocused, scattershot writing and way too many new plotlines introduced that led nowhere. By the end of the show I had totally lost interest and I didn’t have an ounce of excitement or suspense for the “big reveal” of the ending, which turned out to not really be any reveal at all. Why?

Because the writers had painted themselves into a corner. They had created too many unresolved plotlines and they damn well knew there was absolutely no way of tying it all up…so they just took a huge, steaming, corny turd and called it a finale.

[quote=“Argent_Towers, post:13, topic:578263”]

I miss the first two seasons. Those were some unbelievably good episodes.

I don’t miss a single minute beyond that. [/spoiler]

Not even The Constant?