Why Centers for Disease Control instead of

Center for Disease Control? even if it is made up of different centres, it is still a single umbrella group.

Probably the same reason we have the National Institutes of Health.

While I have yet to discover exactly why it was done, it is certainly intentional:

The National Archives says it was renamed from “Center…” to “CenterS…” specifically:

Presumably that October 1, 1980, notice would give the reasoning, but I have not found that online.

There was a major reorganization in the CDC in late 1980 to early 1981 and the name change was one of the things they did to reflect the reorganization.

Cite: Federal Register Vol 45, No 200, CDC Notice page 67772.

At the time of the reorganizaiton, there were numerous organizational units that were referred to as “centers”. It *is *one umbrella unit within Health and Human Services, but there are distinct centers because of CDC’s multiple responsibilities. Geographically it’s not just one central campus either, although the main campus in Atlanta is large.

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