Why Cranky is my favoritest poster in the whole wide world

I found a little slip from the postman in my letterbox this morning. Apparently, something too big to fit had arrived for me. Since I’m eagerly (still!) awaiting my White Elephant, I was thrilled and tickled. Finally, some junk for me!! Yay!

But when I read who it was from, I realized that it was not my Elephant arriving. Acually, it was something from my recipient, CrankyAsAnOldMan. It baffled me. First thought was “Hey! Waiddaminnit! I know that sucker arrived, and I’m fairly sure Cranky was pleased with its content. She wouldn’t return it would she?”

I had to run off to the post office post-haste. I had hardly pried it from the ladies hand until I tore it open. Inside, I found a teddybear and a card. I had mentioned I liked teddybears in my note to her, and she figured I could use a new one, now that I sent her one of mine. It had a sweater with the American flag on (so it won’t forget where it came from) and also a pin of the Swedish flag (so it would know where it was going). The card also said Cranky’s dog had slobbered all over it, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see Sigge, the Wonder Pup, grab it and take off as soon as he got his chance. I rescued the bear before it was ripped apart completely. Stupid dog.

I guess what I really wanted to say here is Thank You Cranky. You definitely brightened my day.

Yea, and not only that, but I think she actually likes me. For real.

Go figure.

(Wait a sec… Cranky, I didn’t even see your dog. I mean, I saw the chain in the yard, and I definitely noticed your cat by the sheer tonnage of black dander left on my beige pants, but no dog…)

** Cranky ** is an overachever when it comes to White Elephants.

She likes frogs.

Love ya, Cranky.

Soda-- Good grief, that got to you fast. I’m impressed! I’m glad you like it. He was not getting the love he deserved at our place. I even forgot I had it since I had him buried underneath some other stuffed animals in my son’s room (to keep him safe from my dog). It was just the flag fervor here in the United States that made it catch my eye and rescue it from its poor unappreciated state Chez Cranky.

And I’m glad it will make waiting for your White Elephant a little easier.

MrBlue, my dog was at Doggy Day Care. There’s a business called Bark Park we take him to. Since we live in a condo without a fenced yard, he doesn’t get to run around as much as he deserves. So we send him to this place with several fenced acres. Sometimes he goes just for the day, but he stays overnight, too. He loves it!

How nice of Cranky! I’m not surprised. She’s made me feel good several times here on the message boards!

It figures her package would get there quickly, while mine gets held up in customs or elsewhere…grr
Course, on my customs slip, I did have the overwhelming urge to write “a whole lot of crap”, but I refrained myself. I didn’t even know what all was in there to list it though, so I put maybe a fourth of the contents on the slip. Maybe that’s why it’s not there?

::sigh:: I feel horrible…

Don’t feel horrible Pammi, I know it’s on its way. It’s not really surprising it takes so long all things considered. Just please tell me you didn’t have any white powder laying around at home that you decided to include in the box? :wink:

Oh, and a tip. Next time you have to put something down on the customs slip, just put “birtday gift” or something. No one is going to argue with that.

Meanwhile, CrankyBear and I will hang out by the letterbox.