Why creative people are going crazy?

Hi guys.

Its my second post.

Well, as I wrote before… (http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=717240)

I want to find another solution in terms of my crazy looking / psychotic image…

I am very creative and very good at art. I am an artist and also designer at the same time. After I started to look at creative people including me, I found some similarity that they are usually described as crazy or something mental related stuff.

People at my work including random people out there used to talk about me so much (TOO MUCH) because I look quite stand out.

The most concerning thing is that they usually say I am crazy. just like this “Oh she’s so crazy” “She LOOKS like a psycho.” !!!

But the one more thing I am wondering is that people also say I am beautiful and amazing at some point.

People usually look at me with really odd/strange eyes. Just like treating weird people.

I am super wondering why it is happening to me.

I know the way I think, look at the world is a way too different among others. I feel so lonely all the time. Just like an alien, I cannot even find someone similar to me. (I have no close friends.)

I used to hear that I am gifted or genius but I dont think so.

Because of this kind of loneliness and some bad experiences, I feel like I am going crazy. Its getting worse…

What things would make me a better person? Maybe I should go to a mental hospital or meet a counselor ? And why creative people are usually going crazy? Can I get any ideas or advice?

Pics or you don’t look crazy.

Can you guess anything of these pictures?

On the picture, I may look okay. But please let me know what you think honestly.

Internet message boards are not a substitute for counseling. You need to speak to someone who can have a dialogue with you, instead of random streams of consciousness.

There’s a lot of that going around.

I’ll preface this all with saying, if you feel the need to talk to a professional, you should. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re crazy or have a disorder, but they could perhaps offer you some perspective or coping mechanisms or whatever.

That all said, speaking entirely from my own experience as a creative type myself, it can be difficult sometimes to cope. I think that though introverts are less common in general, artistic types are more likely to be them, and probably more likely to be strongly introverted. We spend a lot of times in our internal worlds exploring possibilities and express it through our art. In a world that isn’t like that, it can be a bit like being a square peg in a round hole, and that difference can be interpretted by others as mildly as just a difference or being weird, or could be seen as being irrational, crazy, or whatever else. Unfortunately, as an introvert, it can make it difficult to socialize and dispel those impressions, which can just serve to reinforce them and it becomes a vicious cycle.

So, for myself, I’ve made a point of being more social. Not only does it help with how others perceive me, but it helps with my perception of them. It’s still difficult to make close friends, I still only have a few really close friends and a lot of that is just a function of time. It also gives me an opportunity to share that internal world. I’ve found that people who before would say that I seem to not make any sense, even just sharing a little bit of that with them, then my though process connects for them.

Unfortunately, beyond that, the only real cures for loneliness are finding likeminded people, or finding joy in solitude.

Creative people are more disinhibited. They (we) have much looser associations in our thought process. A non-creative person sees the color yellow and thinks of the sun. A creative person thinks of tomato soup, because tomato soup is what you eat on cold rainy days and rain slickers are bright yellow.

Disinhibition + looser associations —> eccentricitiy --> crazy

I don’t know if creative people are “going” crazy, though. I think society is more creative and more welcoming of creative individuals than it has ever been before. It may be that because society is doing a better job of mainstreaming “atypical” individuals–who may or may not be creative–we’re more likely to encounter eccentric people in our day-to-day lives. But eccentric people aren’t psychotic.

Not so much with the theatre crowd. Try being teh crazy with no way to hide it :stuck_out_tongue:

But OP, just hang out with other creative people. When I’m with my non-creative friends I’m apparently super weird. Really, I have a group of banker friends, they think I am the weirdest person on the planet. Also the engineers. Sometimes I think I get invited to parties as the entertainment. It’s like every word I say is the craziest thing they ever heard.

Among my usual crowd I am dead normal. I’m almost the rational one. Not a single eyebrow will be raised at me all evening, even if I’m being myself! It’s heaven.

If you are the crazy one among your creatives-crowd, talk to a therapist just to work out if there might be something going on.

I’m just going to come out and ask: how is your hygiene and self-care? Are you usually clean, dressed in clean clothing that more or less fits, and is appropriate to the season? Is you hair generally clean and organized?

The reason I ask is that you say people say you “look” crazy not that you “act” crazy. “looking crazy” usually means you look unkempt and disheveled. It includes things like having oily & messy hair, wearing snowboots in the summer/flipflops in the snow, and wearing clothes which look dirty and are wildly the wrong size for you.

Apologies if this is an embarassing or offensive question. There isn’t much to go on in your post.

Agreed there is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking to a counselor, and it doesn’t mean you are crazy, just that you could use some clearheaded advice from someone who knows your story (which is a state most of us are in).

Some creative communities have a harder time ostracizing each other. Even just constructive criticism can be taboo. Among those groups people will have a higher tolerance for “eccentric” or crazy behavior because nobody has the ovaries to call them on their shit.

Also, are you Autistic?

Thank you for your comment.

Well I am not sure that I am little bit autistic. But certainly there is something different to others in terms of social related things… I am mostly super quiet and am not that interested in others except for some interesting stuff I like. (if it is related to my area, I am mostly interested in that though)

Thank you for your nice opinion.
But I don’t think so. I am pretty good at caring myself and also I wear just normal ordinary clothes. (Sometimes I heard that I am fashionable.) So that’s why I am so wondering why so much weird things are happening to me. People just see me and criticize me on one sight saying that I am crazy / look creative sometimes. What does that mean ? I really have no idea. You may wonder that too if it is happening to you all the time.

I’ve oft remarked that, from the perspective of the average stranger, the main difference between a genius and a schizophrenic is a lack of tinfoil haberdashery. If you happen to be chronically cross-discipline in your thought patterns, people who aren’t inside your brain to watch all the connections don’t always see the links, and assume an absence of “normal” logic. People who have a large amount of talent and/or education in a particular subject also often fall victim to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and assume the listener knows enough about the subject to grasp the connections, even when they don’t.

I used to run afoul of it all the time, before I figured out what was going on. Once, I tried explaining what a meme was by drawing parallels to retrovirology. I ended up somewhere around the Great Vowel Shift in English before realizing that analogies don’t work unless your audience knows something about at least one of the two things you’re comparing. I imagine trying to describe/explain your artwork is similar. Bonus points if you have any synaesthesiae and find yourself attempting to verbalize things like how something can taste round.

You know, sometimes the most obvious thing to say still needs to be repeated:

1- if you think some type of therapist will help, go see a therapist
2- just because you have a problem for a therapist to fix does not mean you are “crazy”
3- if you need medication it does not mean you are crazy
4- so go ask to get the help and see what they say

5- now everybody in life has problems
6- most of our problems are the same
7- lots of very popular people, very successful people, they feel stress and anxiety and have worries too
8- so you can not be in competition to who has the worst problems
9- just understand that the nervousness you feel, the stress you feel
10- they are real feelings and you have to deal with them according to your own situation

11- the best solution to loneliness is repeated activity
12- that activity can be a job, a hobby, a club, a regular place to exercise
13- an activity that you see the same people over and over again

14- now, what you must do is, as you see people and make friends
15- tell people you are shy
16- tell them you are shy but ask them to go do some social activity
17- tell them in whatever words you feel comfortable to say
18- but remember it is important, try a little more to make friends
i am like you but different. i am always talking. always talking and always thinking and getting involved with people or have people getting involved with me. but i am like nervous and anxious a lot and worry if the things i say sound good or sound stupid. so we are like exact opposite in terms of talking or not talking but we are the exact same in that we both are nervous about other people. so i wish you good luck in finding friends.

as far as people criticizing you and these things. well, you must get stronger in your own opinion of yourself. when you are stronger in your own opinion of yourself, you actions will be more confident, people will criticize less. and if people do criticize you will be stronger in your own opinion and their criticism will not matter as much.

Some of us have figured out ways to avoid expressing our creative thoughts long enough to establish some level of credibility. This way when you do have one of those creative brainstorms it won’t throw those who are close to you so badly. I am bursting at the seams 90% of the time to talk about htings that will cause eyes to glaze over. I manage to contain these topics to about 10% of my conversations.

Thank you guys! so helpful answers… I am mostly awkward when I meet new people but yeah this is challenge to learn more about it and accept what I have… yeah I also think I need to be stronger .


I suspect you are pretty young, because one facet of aging is caring less and less what others (particularly strangers) think about you.

So, don’t do anything desperate and suicidal while you’re waiting to grow old and cranky!