Why did Bush and Cheney have to testify together?

It’s a simple question that I do not want to turn into a debate nor do I want any ventriloquism references. I just want to know why they HAD TO testify together because I have never heard of such a thing. You know, the legal and logical basis for it.

There was no “had to” at all. I’m sure the commission members would have much preferred to interview Bush alone. Why the admin. decided that Bush needed an escort for the interview is anyone’s guess. (Note: Bush gave an “official” reason during his so-called press conference, but since that made no sense whatsoever, we are still in the dark as to why.)

The only definite answer is, “Because Bush refused to testify unless Cheney was with him.” Anyone’s answer to any reasons beyond that is sheer speculation.

Monica Crowley on WABC radio gave a reason. It took the Republicans a while to come up with this one, but it’s probably the best reason you’re going to get. I paraphrase: “Bush and Cheney have always worked on national defense as a team. It’s no secret that Bush consults with Cheney on these types of issues, as he should. They wanted to show that they’re a united front in order to show the country that they’re strong and operate as a team. Thus, neither has full control…(blah, blah, blah).” So, what makes sense is that when you work as a committee, people may give less credence to an individual’s personal goals. I’m not buying it, and I hope no one else is either.

And don’t forget, they weren’t under oath either.

Didn’t watch the press conference so I don’t know what the reason given there was, but something I saw on the news the other day was that a big concern for B/C was supposedly that they didn’t want to set any sort of precedent regarding the nature of the relationship between the executive and legislative branches. By meeting with the commission away from the Hill, not testifying under oath, not allowing it to be recorded and so forth B/C doesn’t cede any power of the executive by submitting to the power of the legislative.

…and there were no recordings or transcripts allowed, so any disputed points can be waved away as a memory lapse.

Aww, Cheney’s such a grandstander. He just wanted to do his “drink a glass of water” trick for a captive audience. Reportedly, he got a standing ovation.

Saggan Hussein!
Inkerial Guargs!
Kerrorisk Ackacks!
Glark uas adda ga loook!

They didn’t have to. They chose to.

Question asked and answered. Everything else belongs in Great Debates or the Pit.

Not quite answered fully. If you really wanted to nail this puppy down, you could go straight to the horse’s mouth and give us Scott McClellan’s take(s) on the answer. (http://www.whitehouse.gov/) The question’s been asked at several of his press conferences.

Just in case the President misspoke.