Why did I just get attacked by the shower curtain?

It’s a hotel room. It’s a shower-tub combo thingie. I arranged the curtain before turning on the water. While the water was coming from the tub faucet, everything was peachy. When I pulled the doohickey to switch it over to the shower faucet, the curtain attempted to eat my face!

Okay, I exaggerate. The curtain, however, leapt! yes, leapt! several feet and proceeded to block the spray, redirecting it to the bathroom floor!

Now, I’ve had curtains float and drift and even sucker themselves to my legs. But this one wasn’t content with my legs. This one wanted the whole enchilada.

I can’t put the curtain outside of the tub. That way lies madness. How can I take a shower in the morning without being groped by the curtain?
I did read the Straight Dope on the matter, but it can’t protect me from the curtain. Help!

Try getting the area between the tub and the curtain wet. It may help the curtain stick to the tub.

There was a study done on this not so long ago. Dr David Schmidt is your man.

Wikipedia has a page on the effect, too, and it appears there are other theories.

What, no faith in Cecil?


My thoughts fit with Cecil’s. To me it always seemed more like a static cling effect, rather than any principles of airflow.

Shot or ball bearings in the curtain hem.


It’s in cahoots with Penchan’s shower door. Watchout!

We just did this in physics class!!

I am happy to report that, according to my professor, the way to counteract that pesky Bernoulli’s Principle, is to put a fan on the other side of the shower.

Can you get a little portable fan from the hotel people? Put it on the other side of the shower curtain. Then you will be able to shower unmolested.

Was this in the Bates Motel? Showers there can be dangerous.

What, no reading the OP? :dubious:


Magnets. Or leaving a gap in the curtain on both ends and directing spray as far as possible from the curtain. That won’t fix it completely, but it does mitigate things somewhat.

I keep meaning to stuff some magnets in the lining of my shower curtain but never do.