Why did Mevedev do this?

Accroding to a news report, Medvedev has “warned” Obama that if he goes ahead with star wars, Russia will react in kind. I was incredulous. Does Medvedev (or Putin) not realize that it is most unlikely that Obama would continue to throw money down that hole. So why the direct confrontation?

Do you think that Medvedev is trying to make it difficult, even impossible, for Obama to stop the development? Is there a military-industrial complex in Russia that wants this? Do they think they can drive the US into bankruptcy this way? Or are they just stupid?

I cannot believe they really mean it. If they did, the message would be conveyed through diplomatic channels. Making it publicly like that, while they are still counting ballots, has to have another meaning.

Because if Obama drops it, then it looks like Medvedev made him do it.

My guess is that they really don’t have a handle on Obama and what his administration is going to mean for Russia.

But the tone of the message, several months before Obama even takes office suggests that they want to take a new tack and they concider Bush a lame duck.

In short, they see a window of oppurtunity, ballistic and theater defense systems are a done deal as far as development and RnD.

Deployment is a whole other matter.


Maybe because it makes Medvedev look somewhat relevant? Everybody knows he’s a puppet and Putin holds the power; everybody also knows Russia is trying to shoulder its way back into the stage after years of marginalization. So, if there’s something newly elected president Obama is probably going to do anyway, Medvedev loudly demands that he actually do it, and then when Obama does do it, Medvedev gets to claim that (a) he influenced Obama and (b) Russia’s voice matters. It’s political theater, and it’s fairly clumsy, but it makes a bit of sense.

I think you’re on to something there. Putin, er, Medvedev knows that Russia can’t afford to build Star Wars, and this gambit allows Putin, er, Medvedev to save face.

Yeah, it’s cock-waving, and I’m sure this isn’t the last instance of it Obama is going to receive.

Can’t wait to hear what Chavez has to say. “Better not invade us! Yeah, that’s right, your heard me! Yeah, thought so.”

That’s what I am afraid of.

I say, drop the stupid shield. if we want to deploy the thing, do it in the continental USA. Yes, having Obama back down will give Medevedev a boost. It is much better to be Russia’s friend rather than an enemy.
Yes, under Bush, the USA has been poking a stick at the bear for years-and what has it bought us?
Actually, i’m glad that McCain didn’t get in-he had an extremely agressive stance toward Russia-which would have gained us nothing but trouble.

If you think there’s any action here that will make Russia our friend you are sorely mistaken.

But that’s what Obama will think Medvedev wants him to think. So Obama will drop it, so it doesn’t look like he’s only continuing it because Medvedev told him not to.
Or something… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry. Who’s he trying to impress anyway? His fellow Russians? They’re pretty politically astute.

Because Putin’s workin’ him like the fucking puppet he is.

Which means, of course, that Obama clearly cannot choose the goblet in front of himself…