Why did they cut this scene from "The Runaway Bride" (Dr. Who)? (spoiler of course)

I just caught the BBCA repeat of that episode Sun. 28, and I was dismayed that they completely cut what I consider a pivotal scene: at the end











Donna turns down the offer to become a companion, perhaps only the second time in the show’s history that’s happened, counting a time or two the Brigadier declined to enter the Tardis. If they needed to shorten the show by 30-60 seconds, there was any amount of people-running-around they could have trimmed instead. WTF?

Well, she is coming back as the next companion, so maybe someone thought it would be confusing?

Which is stupid, because from what I’ve seen, her entire character is based around how, unlike the last two companions, she’s emphatically *not *in love with the doctor, and that she’s a reluctant companion at best.

BTW, when does the new season start (in the US)? I can’t find anything that says.

Are they going for the most annoying companion ever?

It is rather awful how they edit the American version. I was shocked to find they had edited this bit out of “The Last of the Timelords” episode.

Whatever idiots they have editing need to be fired.

They are really, really awful about editing. They have no qualms about slicing and dicing important scenes from anything. I’ve caught a few episodes of Spaced and they cut out scenes that were absolutely pivotal to later jokes/gags, and often the funniest thing in the show to boot.

And now they’re airing Dancing With the Stars—the American Dancing With the Stars. BBCA is quickly getting on my shitlist…

No. Bonnie Langford has that one sewn up for all time.

Spaced is so dense I would’ve thought it nearly impossible to cut as much as ten seconds without losing a gag or setup.

Back to The Doctor. Wasn’t Donna a rather unsympathetic character for much of the episode, or did I read that wrong? She seemed a bit too SHOUTY to be a regular companion.