Why did this thread stay in GQ?

I’m talking about this thread.

For this question to have a factual answer, wouldn’t it have to be a fact that lesbians can not wear dresses? Like it was against the law or something? In the thread in question, several people stated that they knew lesbians who wore dresses, so obviously it’s okay if they do.

I did “report this post”, and I don’t know if it’s customary to receive an answer to those, but I didn’t get any response. And it’s still there, even though lots of other threads that don’t belong in GQ have been moved to their proper forums.

I don’t really know if this belongs in ATMB or The Pit, so feel free to move if it I’m in the wrong forum. It’s not a complaint… I’m just curious.

I did receive the “report this post” message. I read the OP and found that the question was well put across and could possibly benefit from studies or statistics that could prove or disprove the OP’s premise one way or the other.

While there certainly is an IMHO component to the question, I thought it could stay in GQ, if only to prove/disprove a presumed stereotyping.

I usually do not reply to “report this post” reports, except on occasion. Not because I do not wish to respond, but because the volume of reports do not allow me time to respond to each one of them.

General Questions Moderator

Okay. Thanks, Xash.

My nitpicky mind still disagrees with your decision, but I do respect it.

We’ve said before and we’ll say again: the forum distinctions are often a bit fuzzy and a matter of opinion. We don’t have forums like “astronomy” and “sociology,” because those don’t fit us at all. Instead, forums are largely based on the type of discussion, so that a fact-based discussion (even if there’s no definitive answer) would tend to go in GQ while an opinion-based discussion (even if there is a definitive answer) would tend to go in IMHO.

Exactly, C K. Could you show me how the OP’s assertion that lesbians can’t wear dresses is fact-based in any way? That’s my point, it’s not. It’s not a fact, it’s not even really an opinion, since obviously there are lesbians that wear dresses. It’s simply an assertion by him based on stereotyping. Could I put up a GQ thread about why blacks can’t swim, or why women can’t drive well?

Sorry for any confusion here, trublmakr, I wasn’t commenting on (and haven’t read) that particular thread. I was just commenting on differences of opinion regarding which forum for which thread, and explaining that we often have threads that one person thinks fit here while another person thinks fit there. Even when the two persons are moderators.

For that reason, once a Mod has made a decision on a thread’s location, another mod would never (well, hardly ever) do anything different. We don’t want to play ping-pong with threads, bouncing one thread from forum to forum to forum and back again.

IANAM, but I don’t see an assertion, I see an observation and a question.

The relevent facts might include surveys in which x% of lesbians say they never wear dresses, or sociological study of the clothing habits of lesbians, etc. Those kind of factual answers were clearly what the OP was looking for.