Why do Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Have you even read the thread and responses? And saying “…from what I’ve heard” isn’t a good way to answer a factual question. And, yes, most celebrations in Ohio where I live are by whites, not Mexicans, whether illegal or not.

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Just another excuse to party-with beer and margaritas. How many Americans celebrate the Queen of England’s birthday? A few, I’d guess, but not so many.

I’ve never heard of a straight up Caucasian person celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I’ve always known it as a Mexican holiday.

You’ve heard wrong. This is statement is utter nonsense. I find it hard to believe that anyone who resides in the US could possibly think it was only celebrated by illegal immigrants. As has been stated by many previous posters, it’s celebrated not only by Mexican Americans but by Americans of every ethnicity. And our history with Mexico has generally been amicable for most of the past century, even if there have been tensions over some issues. Octoberfest is celebrated widely in the US by people of various ethnicities, despite our going to war with Germany twice in the last century.

Ocotoberfest isnt really a German thing its just a beer festival. The octoberfest near where I live has American flag bunting out everywhere you’d think its the 4th of July its so patriotic.

I have to wonder where you live to be so unaware of the actual participation in the holiday.

I live in the southeastern usa. Theres a lot of illegal mexicans here thats how i know about it. Usually if you want someone to help you around your house or yard work or construction you can go to a street corner in most small towns and i kid you not you just whistle and all the mexicans standing on the street corner jump in the back of your truck and go with you to do whatever job you have for them. Its really great because you dont have to pay them much more than a few dollars before you send em on their way. But yeah one time we had some of these workers over and they told us about Cinco De Mayo so ive always thought of it as a mexican/illegal immigrant thing. Thats my background on it

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Potestas, I have to think that at this point you’re trolling. No warning issued, but I would advise you to refrain from such demeaning remarks in the future.

Seriously, no one could live in the southeastern US and have this limited an understanding of Cinco de Mayo.

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I’m sorry if it comes across as demeaning I’m just sharing my truth, its not trolling.

I’m as white as they come, but I’m shoulder to shoulder right now with my brothers from across the Rio Grande, sampling their delightful distillates of the agave.
ETA: and I’m tipping them well.

Do you have any idea how many Hispanic people there are living in the U.S. whose grandparents and great-grandparents were born here? I would dare say that there are more Hispanic-American citizens than there are illegal immigrants.

Well my understanding is that generally the reason why they are standing on the street corner is because they are undocumented and know that they can get easy work with no questions about legal status.

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Whatever the case, this is a hijack. Drop it.

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Once again, you have to think globally rather than locally.

The real Octoberfest takes place in Munich Germany every September and has for the last 100 years in just the same form it exists today. Yep, lots of beer, but a German festival, adopted by people in the US.

I’m an American and I don’t celebrate it because simply put its not my holiday.

The theory is that a victory at the Battle of Puebla would have ultimately enabled the French to use Mexico as a base of operations to send all sorts of soldiers rather than just a few.

Although the French were delayed by the defeat at Puebla in 1862, it didn’t prevent their effective conquest of Mexico by mid 1863 and installation of Maximilian as Emperor in 1864. Puebla was a moral victory but had little effect in the long run. Mexican forces didn’t start to turn the tide against the French until the Confederates had already effectively been defeated. French forces only withdrew in 1866 under pressure from the US.

That’s much more puzzling to me than why we celebrate it at all. De facto ___ Heritage Days aren’t unusual, but they’re generally a major ___ holiday, whereas this is a minor Mexican holiday outside the state where it actually happened.

I meant to quote this, which my last post was a response too, but missed the edit window:

If you stop and think about it, the way we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day is pretty different from the way it’s celebrated in Ireland. There it’s basically a Holy Day – I mean, there’s definetly drinking and feasting, but I don’t think it’s considered “Let’s Get Shit-faced Day” like it is over here. (Or is it?)