Why do asian pr0n have women crying when having sex?

I think the crying is meant to simulate rape.

While there is certainly a subgenre of Japanese rape porn, what the OP describes still happens in J-porn where it’s quite clear that the woman is into it (i.e. consenting) during the leadup to the actual act. As I understand it, it’s very common for adult Japanese women to speak in “little girl” voices in their everyday life, and that simply carries over into the porn. Also, the Japanese language has more “nasal” tones than English, so a lot of the moaning in a porn scene is coming through the nose instead of the mouth, and that lends it a different sound that Westerners could perceive as crying.

What bugs me most in Japanese porn is the way the women [almost] always have their heads turned to the side and their eyes closed, instead of looking at the man. But again, I suppose there’s some cultural reason for it that I don’t understand. Maybe they’re thinking of England :smiley:

I don’t watch porn, but I had a lot of problems with a boyfriend whose sex ed apparently came from porn. He refused to listen to any suggestions or requests, so I imagine he still thinks endurance is everything.

He’d get angry when I didn’t yell during sex (I’m used to apartment living, where the kind of hollers he expected would have been heard by neighbors two floors away - I assume the same goes for the Japanese), when I closed my eyes (the sensory input was too much and I can’t close other senses), when I turned my head to the side (what? I do it when I masturbate too! No, I don’t know why! I just rotate my head)…

Frankly, I’d never thought I’d have to deal with culture clash in bed of all places.

Nava, Spaniard.

Going upthread a ways …

I think the spelling pr0n is/was an attempt to bypass the nannyware that so many Dopers who participate from work have to deal with. If we all spell it that way, they won’t have these sorts of pages blocked or get in trouble.

That’s the theory; I’m not sure how well it works in practice.

I’m going to agree with Phase42, because this behavior seems to pop up in situations clearly initiated by the woman. It’s almost the same thing as the other common theme of the younger boy being coerced nervously into sex by the confident female, then watching him reluctantly enjoy the experience.

In a lot of the Asian “pron” (?) I’ve seen there always seems to be a heavy dose of dominance vs. submission, and not necessarily in a violent or forceful fashion, even though that is the intended tone.

Yeah, it does just seem the girls are really, really sensitive. I guess that’s the point. Western porn has tons of fake moaning too, but it’s a different moaning that says, I don’t know, I’m really enjoying it? (Or maybe, this is an esay sound to make and everyone else does it.) Japanese girls really want to get the “ow, you’re hurting my vagina” point across. But… given that the japanese DO have slightly different anatomy… perhaps there’s some basis in fact?

Slightly different? How so?
No, it doesn’t go accross, it goes up and down like everybody else’s. I’ve looked.*

*Old USN sailor’s fable that claims an asian woman’s “crack” goes accross, so that the more she spreads her legs, the tighter it gets. :eek:

I know that that’s an UL with no basis in fact, but how would that even work? Even if it did go across, I’m having trouble seeing how that would make it tighter when she spread her legs…

Put your index finger and thumb tips together to form an “O”, now bring both fingertips down to meet the thumbs. That should give you an idea. Especially if you’re a man and can put something in the “O”.
At least that’s how we “proved” it to the new guys. :wink:

Stretch a rubber band between a finger on each hand. Now increase the distance between the fingers. Doesn’t the band in the middle get tighter?

Tighter could be one, but not necessarily. A different concentration of nerve endings, although that’s not needed either. They could just downright have more sensitive nerves. Or they might, culturally, avoid toys/tampons/styles of sex that over time desensitize the region.

Maybe there’s even some studies that have been done, although I’d bet the politically correct funding nazis would have no trouble funding studies of “how sensitive is your twat” but would balk at “compared to other races”

Well, it’s hard to prove. Like claims that uncut men are more sensitive than cut (a fact).

Well, when you consider that Japanese-American (as in "born and raised in the USA) porn actresses behave exactly like white American porn actresses, that pretty much debunks the idea that physical differences would explain the crying sounds.

Perhaps they’re crying with disappointment over the Japanese male porn stars’ equipment? :smiley:

Thanks, mangeorge. Between this and our mini discussion on menstruation, you are proving to be a goldmine when it comes to female bodies.

Wouldn’t stuff like this tend to disprove that theory? :slight_smile:

Kinda hard to prove, like the fact that uncircumcised men are more sensitive than those who are circumcised.

I thought I deleted this version. :confused:

I must be missing your point because none of this backs up any claim that says "given that the japanese DO have slightly different anatomy… "

Complete speculation is not proof of anything.

Actual differences of anatomy should be well represented in the medical literature, no matter how wrong you are about political correctness.

Of course Japanese have slightly different annatomy. That’s why Japanese porn has so many fans. Girls’ bodies are tighter, younger looking. Their breasts are far firmer. Guys’ dicks are smaller. Do I also have to mention their eyes are squinty?

Their anatomy is obviously different, but whether that affects this discussion is something I brought up as a question.

I dunno… have you really seen the same types of girls in American porn as in Japanese? I don’t think I ever have.

This brings up another point: Maybe something about the girls that are selected for Jap porn makes a difference. (Eg, they’re smaller/younger/inexperienced.)

And here’s an idea… maybe the American girls do 20 porn shoots a month. If there’s anything that will desensitize your twat, it’s porn shoots, by a mile.

Do any of those shoots grow into mature countries?
Please don’t ask me to explain. :o