Why do asian pr0n have women crying when having sex?

Inspired a little by this thread, the few East Asian(mostly Japanese and Chinese) porn films I have seen, I have found women portrayed as rather coy, a trifle shy and invariably crying somewhat during the actual act of sex.

I have found this quite unlike the western style of porn where the woman is generally quite loud, bold and raucous.

The question is

  1. Is my impression correct or I have not seen as much porn as to form an opinion?

  2. Provided my impression is correct, do Asian women actually only moan and cry as much during sex? Is it something of a cultural behaviour that is expected of traditional Asian women and what they show in their porn is normal? Or is it just a fetish amongst the Asian men that the local porn marketing strategy caters to?

  3. If my impression is entirely wrong, why have the porn movies I have seen, depicted Asian sex in that manner?

I don’t know the answer to this, but I want to bump it because I’m curious.

Only on the Dope would this be a question born (heh) from curiosity and not from wanting more pron.

That’s one of the things I find unattractive about Asian porn: the passivity of the women.

They are almost always recipients of whatever action is taking place. The groping hands coming in from outside the frame, the probing with instruments: almost clinical, and very unsexy.

I have seen a few Asian porn segments where the women take their own pleasure, and that is much more exciting to me. Especially when one of them was Mariko Morikawa. :slight_smile:

That being said, Western porn is not without its problems: the ugliness of the men, for example. I am convinced that ugly men are deliberately chosen so that the viewer, who places himself in the fantasy, can think, “That ugly guy’s gettin’ some. I must have a chance, too!”

What, can’t it be from both curiosity and the desire for more porn? You know, like the late Earl–duck

They don’t really do this anymore - most men in current porn are chosen for their looks as well as their sexual prowess. Peter North, et al. The days of Ron Jeremy and Harry Reems are over.

As for the Japanese porn, I can’t watch it for the reasons stated in the OP. There’s something sinister about it.

Thanks for that. I was watching it sink and was wondering what the problem was that even after 400 views there was not a single response.

I was starting to think that perhaps I had watched some unearthly porn that no one had any idea what I was talking about?

Good to know that at least my observation is not entirely misplaced and my question not freakin crazy!

I know we have dopers from Japan, Vietnam and China on this board and other Americans of East Asian origin. They must surely know something about this.

Just wondering if this question belongs more in IMHO where it might get better attention. If so, could one of the mods please move it?

And yes, this question is purely out of curiousity and nothing else.

In the days before Viagra, male casting in porn movies had little to do with looks and everything to do with the ability to perform. Most guys cannot do what porn guys do on camera and there is not necessarily any correlation between talent and looks. Modern chemistry has now made casting for looks much easier to do.

I don’t know the answer but I will note that it’s extremely common in yaoi as well. (Yaoi is the male romance comics written by women for women) The uke (or reciever) is often drawn as shy and somewhat effeminite and frequently bursts into tears during sex. It seems to be more common with first time stories and I think there’s a connotation of virginity and shyness that’s considered “cute”. I get the impression they cry because they’re kinda embarrassed that their passion (despite the passiveness) has overwhelmed them.

Could it also be that more women watch porn?
I’ve not watched any actual porn, but in sex scenes I have watched the women were very into the sex, very often on top and noisey. I don’t remember any titles, but one was an european man and a asian woman anf took place in Hong Kong. It was a pretty good flick and a critical success too, maybe ten years ago.

Didn’t they have fluffers back then? Or did that just not work as well as our modern day Viagra?

If that were true, why wouldn’t less-well-endowed guys be more common?

Same thing. The SDMB is packed full of self-described geeks. There’s a very strong correlation between geeks and love for all things Japanese.

Yup, curious too.

Okay, so this is just plain weird. NOT having seen this thread at all, this morning I started this thread over in C.S.
Hmmmmm. Two threads in two forums on Asian/ Japanese pr0n. No idea that there were rules that prevented me from using the word “porn” on the Dope. :smiley:

I have not seen enough to give much of an informed opinion but I can say that there was an utter lack of aggression on the part of the women in ALL of the prrn I did view in the last 24 hours.

Cartooniverse, who is posting this in the Meeting Area of Narita Airport, Japan.

You kinda hope that’s the case…

::coughs:: Well. I’m a little embarassed to admit it, but I don’t actually watch porn. (Unless you count the scantily clad anime Asian girl pics I collect. Yeah, I’m a mostly hetero girl–I don’t know.) I was just curious because I’m that sick and twisted. (And I don’t know why both titles had it as pr0n. I thought that that was some feminist objection to foil guys searching for “porn”?)

Well, I don’t watch much Asian pr0n. My BF did find a rather good video that I actually enjoyed watching, which happened to be Asian.

Some guy, apparently known for his, ahem, longevity, does a whole classroom full of Japanese schoolgirls. But, since he’s offering his services to so many women, they all get on top (OK, not at the same time, it’s like 20 girls. One at a time).

So they ride him till they’re done, and he doesn’t finish till the last girl.

Anyhow, the reason I actually liked it was because the women were quite enjoying themselves, not that fake-moaning crap they usually have in most porn.

But, as to the OP, are they actually crying? I noticed that since these girls had much higher pitched voices than is common in the West, some of the noises they made were… abrasive to my Western ears. It did sort of sound painful. Are there tears in the porn you’re talking about, or just noises that sound like the girl’s in pain?

Ron Jeremy talks about this in his autobiography. Fluffers work, but the logistics of porn sets can make it extremely easy for the magic to fade before the man is back set up properly in front of the camera again.

As for the OP, I don’t know the answers to #1 and #2, but the answer to #3 is easy: selection bias.

I thought they were. Most of them seem average to me, maybe a little smaller.

Could it be tied to the school-girl fetish thing? Little kids cry a lot, and Japanese men seem to have a thing for women acting and dressing like young girls. This is pure speculation on my part, btw, but it was my first thought when reading the OP.