why do athletes in the worlds strongest man all have the same arm & chest measurement

I watch this sport (and yes it is a sport, technically) and it doesn’t seem to matter if the athlete is fat or thin, his chest and arm measurement are usually the same. arm 20-22, chest 56-60. An athlete who is 6’ and 270 will probably have the same arm & chest measurements as an athlete that is 6’ and 350.

Wouldn’t an extra 50-100 lbs of fat cause people to have chests 10" larger or arms 4" larger, or are my numbers off?

Not always. I have pretty small arms (15 inch). Somebody that weighs 150 may have similar sized arms. It is all genetics. In my case, most of my weight is in my legs (~18 inch calves, ~28 inch thighs) (17-18% BF currently)

Same applies to athletes, in some cases 50 extra pounds could mean bigger arms, but 1 inch is quite signifigant really. They could have big legs or a thicker midsection. Hard to say. How many times do you see some big ol fat dude with a massive beer gut and tiny 14-15 inch arms? Wouldn’t you think a big old mo’fo like that would have huge guns? Nah, genetics is king in body proportions.

I should note that I am ~185 lbs.

What size arms would be considered “big?” Would 15" be conisdered small for someone that weights 150? That about describes me and I thought my arms were decent sized. :frowning:

Holy Carp! You must look like a walking pyramid. Im the same weight but i have 16" arms, 47" chest, and calves and thighs that are, well puny in comparison (but DEFINATELY not chicken legs). What the hell do you do, strap refigerators to your back and go hiking?