Why do cats and squirrels leave me things?

My next door neighbor’s cat has crossed my backyard many times, and while s/he looks at me when I happen to be out onto my back deck, s/he runs away if I get too close. Every once in a while, I’ll see some twigs or stones on the deck (that I normally sweep off with a broom). I finally was curious enough to see how they got there, so I checked the Nest cam and saw the cat make a few trips to leave me the gifts. On another corner of my deck (at a different time), a squirrel seems to also want to leave me acorns and other items.

I now feel kind of guilty for sweeping all that off, as I may be offending the animals in my neighborhood.

So why are these friendly critters leaving me things?

Those aren’t for you. Those poor creatures are star-crossed lovers, doomed by the enmity of their clans to never be together. These little tokens are all they have to share.

Or: They’re vying for your affection, trying to outdo each other in their tributes. Whatever you do, don’t favor one offering over the other. We’ve all seen that movie.

Could be worse. The cat could be giving you dead (or not quite dead yet) prey.

They clearly both worship you as a God. Bestow your favor on the one which brings the most glorious tribute, and damn the other to the seventh generation.

This thread made me weirdly happy​:chipmunk::cat2::four_leaf_clover:

Oh, that is just a “usage fee” for crossing or using your back yard. LOL

A real cat would charge you.

The love that dares not speak its name.


Well, if I can’t be king of the humans….

Is your name Doolittle and are you a physician?