Why do certain (many) posters get banned so quickly?

I am curious why this poster got insta-banned so quickly after this single post, which appears to be at least an attempt to add a constructive comment to a thread.

I understand that the mods don’t wish to discuss publicly why any particular poster gets banned.

But my question is really a more general one: It seems to me that I see this happening rather frequently: A new poster signs up, makes one post or some small number of posts, and is quickly banned – without any comment by the mods here in ATMB.

And the posts that I see show no sign of any reason why the poster would be banned – as in the example linked here, it’s not a trolling post nor a spam, and there’s no warning or mod note or anything. (And in the case shown, it’s that poster’s ONLY post.)

The only other reason I could think of it that the guy’s a sock. So, in general, if a new user gets banned so quickly for no apparent reason, it is usually because it’s a sock?

Does the board software have some kind of automated sock alert? Like, if a new poster appears with a known IP, does the software immediately detect that and alert the mods? In a lot of these cases, I see new users getting banned very very quickly.

The mods prefer that you message them if you have a question about a banned user.

That said, I think that the answer is that it’s usually a spammer whose other posts have been disappeared or a sock.

This really doesn’t happen that much. When it does, it’s usually because the poster was a sock or troll or a spammer. As for why we don’t make announcements of those kinds of bans: