Banned name!

(Yes, I love witty puns. Too bad I can’t write them … )

I’ve noticed the odd time I’d come across a post by a BANNED user. Oftentimes it’d be from a zombie thread, but today it was from a relatively new thread in GQ), leading me to wonder what this otherwise mild-mannered person did to ban themselves.

Usually even scanning their last few posts doesn’t even tell me (nor did it this time, however, I did see another side to this otherwise “mild mannered GQ poster” in the Pit, which lead me to probably suspect why, but, from the time or two I’ve poked my head in the Pit tells me that being completely batshit insane isn’t a bannable offence.) What I was really hoping to find was, a few posts after their last SDMB post before banning, a mod post saying: “That’s enough, poster, I’ve warned you repeatedly about [action] and you thumb your nose at it, so consider yourself banned”, but I never see such a smoking gun (maybe I’m reading the wrong threads of their last posts as a Doper (partially stemming by my fear of treading in the Pit))

I’ve seen a few times in the past on ATMB a locked mod post saying that “poster has been banned” and a bit of explanation as to why, but that doesn’t seem to happen any more.

Is there a way to find out easily why a poster was banned?

They don’t announce the reason when the poster is a sock.

From the FAQ:

How do I find out what happened to a missing thread or poster

Given that the most recent banning announcement was five days ago, your criterion for “doesn’t seem to happen any more” seems a bit short. :wink:

We generally make announcements when a long-term poster is banned. We also may make announcements when someone who has only been here a short time is banned, but has attracted a lot of attention.

We generally do not announce the banning of socks or trolls; depending on circumstances, their posts and threads may be completely removed.