Can we ask why a poster is banned?

No names here, but noticed someone was banned. I tried a search of all posts by said Doper, limiting it to threads that had current posts just before Doper was banned. (i.e. anything posted after the non-banned Doper posted it when I saw last)

If that makes any sense

My question is, are we allowed to ask why, or is that against the rules since the poster isn’t here? This isn’t snarky, as I wasn’t necessarilly a fan, just curious.

(And if I didn’t cover my ass enough on that one, all rights to ammendments are reserved) :wink:

If we want to ask I think we’re supposed to e-mail a mod.

If I get that curious, I will. Thanks for the response. Right now it’s not a priority, just mild curiosity.

Further notes on board protocol:

If you’re asking how something works, post it in About This Message Board;

If you’re asking why something happened, post it in The BBQ Pit.
(The OP does not directly fall into either of these categories, but I suspect that the staff would prefer to see similar threads in the Pit rather than GQ.)

Thanks, I’ll just put it there if not already posted and see what happens.

county’s banning was explained, to some extent, here.

Jimmy, I got the answer, thanks for the help though.

Mods Feel free to lock the thread since I re-opened on about this in the Pit.

Thanks again for the help all.

From FAQ - guidelines for posting at the SDMB:

This is closed.

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator